Vox 'Journalist' Triggered by Ron DeSantis' Media Coverage Gets Hilariously Hoisted With His Own Petard

Vox 'Journalist' Triggered by Ron DeSantis' Media Coverage Gets Hilariously Hoisted With His Own Petard
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When last we left you with Vox.com’s Aaron Rupar, the anti-Fox News hall monitor was getting busted yet again for trying to pass off a whopper concerning something a Republican politico said on the cable news network as a fact.

Being called out on flat-out lies in his so-called “reporting” is nothing new for the notoriously dishonest “journalist”, nor is his penchant for getting caught in hilarious self-owns.

The latter was the case earlier today when Rupar took to the Twitter machine to post two video clips of a recent interview “Fox and Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade did with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as he toured the state to talk about his administration’s “seniors first” coronavirus vaccination policy.

In his first tweet, Rupar proclaimed that Fox “did a North Korea-style personality cult package” for Gov. DeSantis, noting in a follow-up tweet that Kilmeade had accidentally called DeSantis “president” at one point during the segment:

As is often the case with Rupar, however, he didn’t stop and think before he opened his mouth or, in this case, tweeted. Fortunately, self-described DC comms guy Drew Holden was around to remind him of what “North Korea-style personality cult packages” actually look like by using examples from …. (drum roll) … Vox.com:

Ouch! That’s gonna leave a mark.

Besides, if Rupar was truly concerned about U.S. media outlets running segments/articles that make them look little different than the type of state-run media “reports” we routinely see coming out of Communist countries like China and Cuba, he’d have called out CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times and all the rest a helluva long time ago like the rest of us have:

CNN, in particular, has all but gone on the record admitting to the type of favorable “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” coverage they’re willing to give the Biden administration over the next four years. When Aaron Rupar joins us in opposition to such open displays of pseudo-journalism not just from CNN but his own website, we’ll take his complaints about supposed “North Korea-style personality cult packages” being run by major news outlets seriously. Until then…

(Hat tip: Twitchy)

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