Media Decides Peddling Russian Disinfo Is Great Again After Putin Makes Claim About Biden

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For four years straight and then some, we were treated to non-stop lectures from the mainstream media about how we needed to be careful of what news and information sources to trust because there was so much disinformation on the Internet being spread by online Russian provocateurs.


The genesis of their supposed awakening on the dangers of disinformation campaigns came during the 2016 presidential race when then-GOP nominee Donald Trump was falsely accused of colluding with Russian President Vladimir Putin to “steal” the election from Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, who helped perpetuate the allegation.

Despite there being no evidence to support the Russia collusion claim, it endures to this day, with the media just recently giving Clinton yet another assist by amplifying her suggestion that anyone siding with former President Trump on claims the 2020 presidential election was rigged was “doing Putin’s work.”

But, in a sudden turn of events that should surprise absolutely no one, some in the media have abruptly changed their tune on the dangers of spreading Russian disinformation, as evidenced in their latest post-Biden-Putin summit “reporting” on how Putin pushed back on allegations that President Biden’s mental acuity was in decline:


This was the first paragraph in what we were supposed to believe was an “objective” news article:

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday pushed back against a baseless narrative perpetuated by Republicans like former President Donald Trump and right-wing media outlets in the US — as well as Russian state news — that President Joe Biden, who is 78, is not mentally well.

“Baseless narrative” my foot.

Here’s what Putin said, according to a CNN translator:

“The image of President Biden, which is portrayed by our, and even the American press, has nothing to do with reality,” Putin said during a televised meeting on Thursday, Moscow Times reported. “Biden is a professional, you have to be very attentive when working with him so as not to miss something — because he does not miss a thing, trust me.”

Putin also said Biden is “of sound mind and should be taken seriously,” according to a translation of his comments from CNN’s Bianna Golodryga.


Biden also indicated he believed Biden could be trusted, which last I checked is not something someone of a “sound mind” would say.

How whacked is it that per the media we’re supposed to believe that everything is okay with Biden because an authoritarian thug like Putin “walked back” what his own state-run media outlets were reportedly ordered to say about Biden during the 2020 election?

Further, how ironic is it that it’s suddenly okay to trust what Putin says again because he declared Biden was “of sound mind,” which contradicts what Trump (his supposed “buddy” according to the media) repeatedly claimed about Biden?

That state of Biden’s mental acuity is a matter of personal opinion, and for the most part, it falls along party lines (and that includes the left-wing media here in the U.S.). Personally, I believe the volume of evidence speaks for itself.

For the entirety of Trump’s presidency, the media routinely raised questions about Trump’s mental health and state of mind, including bringing on supposed “medical experts” to theorize from afar.

If it was ok to do that to Trump, then it’s perfectly in bounds to speculate about Biden’s state of mind – especially when there is, in my opinion, far more evidence to suggest things aren’t well with him.


There’s something to be said about setting precedents, which is exactly what the media (and Democrats) did every time they suggested Trump was mentally unwell. If you don’t like it being done to your guy, then maybe you should have the forethought to lead by example instead of going full flamethrower just because you can.

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