Glenn Greenwald Absolutely Humiliates Brian Stelter in War of Words Over CNN's Flaccid Ratings

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Independent journalist Glenn Greenwald continues to kick a** and take names, and next on his list was CNN’s resident media hall monitor Brian Stelter, who tagged Greenwald in a tweet he posted earlier today that referenced a predictable Daily Beast hit piece on a public/media figure who regularly appears on Fox News:


Greenwald, for those who don’t know, resigned from the Intercept in October 2020 alleging, among other things, editorial censorship over stories critical of then-Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. He is occasionally critical of the alternative news outlet he co-founded in 2014, and they often respond in kind.

He’s heard the tiresome arguments before about his frequent appearances on Fox News and how some of the statements he makes fit into right-wing narratives about the left and the liberal media. What his critics typically fail to point out, however, is that he is an equal opportunity critic of both the left and the right, as his Twitter feed alone demonstrates on a daily basis.

It is perhaps with that in mind that Greenwald passed up the chance to argue against the claim made in Stelter’s tweet, instead going right for the jugular and pointing to CNN’s collapsing ratings – and Stelter’s in particular:


Understandably sensitive to the inconvenient facts about CNN’s nosedive, Stelter laughably touted his Sunday numbers and told Greenwald not to “worry” about his show:

Greenwald did not let up. Instead, he brought receipts, further embarrassing Stelter and his network:


Stelter then accused Greenwald of being a “crazed partisan” for referencing things he didn’t want to hear:

Then Greenwald mic-dropped him by pointing to how even the Washington Post wasn’t hiding the fact that CNN’s ratings are cratering:

Mess with the bull, you often get the horns. Stelter learned that the hard way today, and ran away from the argument like he often does after the point had been made.

I find it hilarious that Stelter always defaults to the “ratings rise and fall” argument when CNN’s numbers get deservedly mocked and ridiculed, especially in this case. Because as has been documented extensively, there has been no discernible overall “rise” in CNN’s ratings since not long after Trump left office. In fact, it’s been just the opposite.


CNN’s decline from January to May was a staggering 49%. The key 25-64 age demographic saw a 63% slide. That’s not something that can be explained away by the lame “ratings rise and fall” argument, no matter what Stelter tries to claim otherwise, bless his heart.

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