Glenn Greenwald Reveals Why Leftist Media Outlet Is Targeting Conservative Reporters Covering BLM/Antifa

Glenn Greenwald co-founded the left-wing publication The Intercept several years ago, and it’s safe to say it was never a conservative publication. But, it went after all sides, including the Democrats, once upon a time.


But even Greenwald had to leave the publication, after a piece he did on Joe Biden that they got upset about, because it wasn’t a complete homage to Joe Biden.

Since then, the outlet has really gone over the slide. This showed particularly when they went after journalist Julio Rosas and other reporters covering the Antifa/BLM riots in a smear job hit piece this week.

The reporting of Rosas and his brethren was especially important, since liberal media hasn’t been doing their job to report, honestly, on what’s happening. So, it’s been these guys, moving in the trenches, who are largely responsible for a lot of the coverage we’re able to get on the subject. Media should be offering them thanks for doing their job.

Greenwald and some others on the left are calling out The Intercept’s smear job. Greenwald is not just saying it’s an effort to put down their reporting; he’s accusing The Intercept of putting a target on the backs of the two primary journalists of color mentioned in the piece — Rosas of and Jorge Ventura of the Daily Caller.

Greenwald tweeted, “The Intercept is now actively targeting two journalists of color. They have two white male reporters here putting a target on their backs for the crime of reporting on the Antifa riots. This is genuinely disgusting and dangerous.”


He also told Fox’s Laura Ingraham he thought it was an attempt to put their faces out there, so “they can no longer do their jobs safely.” The other part of it, Greenwald said, is that The Intercept doesn’t regard Ventura and Rosas as journalists, but that they regard them as “the enemy.”


That’s not a light thing to say. Imagine any media thinking it was a good thing to out other media in this way, when part of how they’re able to get their information without being harmed is that they move inconspicuously among others, looking much like the rioters. Now, The Intercept has featured their faces widely to their leftist adherents.

Greenwald is right. The Intercept doesn’t regard these reporters as real media, but perhaps another problem here is they don’t seem to regard themselves as real media, as much as they appear to think they are leftist political operatives. And they don’t want people to see and know what’s going on with the violence being committed by the left, they’d rather downplay it and attack the messengers.

Freelance journalist Michael Tracey also weighed in, calling out this tactic by The Intercept.


Rosas and Ventura also did an interview with Laura Ingraham, now that they’ve been featured by The Intercept, and they’re not being put off from doing their job — even after the threat that this has now placed on them. Hat’s off to these guys for all the work that they’ve done over the past year!



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