Watch: Conservative Asian-Canadian MPs Rip Justin Trudeau Apart for Prostrating Before China

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau answers questions before the House of Commons, 5/25/21. (Credit: Cable Public Affairs Channel)

We are living in a time where demonstrating an ability to go against the grain without apology and standing up to China are imperative traits for a world leader to possess.


Unfortunately, the Biden administration continues to demonstrate that they are sorely lacking in that department. And to make matters worse, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has also been perfecting his own ability to bend the knee when the opportunity presents itself to show fealty to China.

As irrefutable evidence of this, take a look at the below video, in which conservative MP Candice Bergen questions Trudeau about the emerging scandal in the country surrounding a recent report on how “scientists working at Canada’s highest-security infectious-disease laboratory have been collaborating with Chinese military researchers to study and conduct experiments on deadly pathogens,” according to Canada’s Globe and Mail news outlet.

Instead of directly addressing Bergen’s concerns about the possibility that Canada’s research labs may have been compromised by a Chinese military espionage effort, Trudeau’s disgraceful response was to deflect and suggest that such comments amounted to “anti-Asian racism” and “intolerance” towards “diverse” Canadian communities and could lead to hate crimes against Asian-Canadians:


Kenny Chiu, an Asian-Canadian conservative MP who shares Bergen’s concerns, was outraged by Trudeau playing the race card and prostrating before China on an issue vital to Canada’s national security interests. He let him know it on Twitter, too. But it’s what Chiu said during the following day’s House of Commons question time that had me standing and applauding (and I suspect many readers will, too).

“How dare the wearer of blackface/brownface use the painful experience of racism to shield his government’s callous dereliction to protect Canada from hostile foreign regimes. Pointing that out is not racism. Suggesting otherwise plays into the propaganda effort of our opponents,” Chiu stated, noting he was “deeply offended” over Trudeau’s “shameful” tactics.


Nelly Shin, another conservative Asian-Canadian MP, lit into him as well for using Asian-Canadians as “political shields” to distract from criticism. She also demanded an apology from Trudeau.



Sadly, Trudeau’s statement to Bergen Wednesday was not the only time the Prime Minister flashed the race card that day. In response to similar questions from other conservative MPs, Trudeau said that “We will not give in to pandering to anti-Asian racism. We have seen enough of a rise in intolerance across the country these past months. We need to continue to stand strong in supporting diversity.”

That’s just flat out pathetic – especially considering the very serious issue at hand, and is a prime example of what leadership does not look like in a time of crisis. The result of these cowardly stances by Trudeau will be to embolden the CCP regime. Sadly, as I noted above, our “leadership” here in the U.S. is no better. But hey, at least we’re free from mean tweets and stuff, so I guess there’s that.

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