Watch: Joe Biden Begins Yelling in the Middle of a Speech for No Apparent Reason

Watch: Joe Biden Begins Yelling in the Middle of a Speech for No Apparent Reason
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Earlier this week and a month after the Senate overwhelmingly passed it 94-1, the House passed the anti-Asian American hate crimes bill also known as the “COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act” in a 364-62 vote.

The signing ceremony for the bipartisan legislation was held today and on hand were of course President Biden and Vice President Harris among other D.C leaders and dignitaries.

Though Biden gave what some media outlets charitably characterized as an “impassioned” speech imploring Americans to come together to stop hate against Asian-Americans, what others saw during Biden’s remarks was a man that looked like he was in the middle of a personality change as he began yelling and gesturing animatedly with a wild look in his eyes at one point before settling back down again to finish his speech in almost a whisper.

Watch the moment it happened below as he uttered the following comments: “Every time we’re silent, every time we let hate flourish, we make a lie of who we are as a nation.”

While many on social media understandably reacted to Biden’s abrupt change in tone by pointing out the bizarreness of it all (even though the word “bizarre” can, quite frankly, be applied to many of Biden’s public statements), a comment from Newsbusters’ managing editor Curtis Houck stuck out to me as something that also needed to be a part of the bigger conversation surrounding the rise in violent crimes against the Asian-American community:

The elephant in the room here is that the violent crimes against Asian-Americans are not just committed by white supremacists. They’re also committed by black people and to a significant degree, as Asian-American writer Ying Ma noted here in a recent piece:

History, however, presents inconveniences that cannot be ignored. Before the pandemic and before Trump’s presidency, anti-Asian violence had existed in major urban locales. It looked disturbingly like today’s attacks. Instead of crying racism, local leaders of these deep-blue areas used to bend over backward to deny any possibility of a racial motive. National leaders used to pay no attention.

In 2018, when neither ordinary people nor Trump had heard of the coronavirus, blacks committed more hate crimes against Asians more than any other race, according to national hate crime statistics compiled by the Justice Department. Figures for 2020 are not yet available.

When Joe Biden talks about how “every time we’re silent we’re allowing hate to flourish,” he’s right to a certain extent. The problem, however, is the fact that the only time Democrats want to talk about hate crimes and yada yada about how they are committed to making fighting them a priority is when they think they can be used to lump in decent white people like you and me with the small minority of white racists who commit violence against minorities. That way they can turn the problem into a political wedge issue and make minority communities feel further victimized and in need of “protection” from the Democratic party.

If Democrats were truly committed to eradicating hate in America, they’d stop ignoring the elephant in the room and begin engaging in some tough talk about why it might be that so many violent crimes against Asians in this country are committed by African-Americans (mostly males). But don’t look for any straight talk along those lines to happen any time soon, because as Democrats have shown us time and time again, winning elections by dividing Americans and virtue signaling about how they’re against hate of any kind is more important than actually coming together to solve problems.

It’s an inconvenient truth they don’t want to hear, but as the Ben Shapiro saying goes, facts don’t care about your feelings.

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