Richard Grenell Gets CNN's Erin Burnett So Flustered That She Tries to Lie to Cover

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FILE — In this Tuesday, May 8, 2018 the U.S. Embassador in Germany, Richard Allen Grenell during his akkreditation by German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier at the Bellevue palace in Berlin, Germany. (AP Photo/Michael Sohn, file)


Yesterday, Grenell lit into John Bolton but he apparently wasn’t done for the day. The former acting DNI then took to CNN’s airwaves to spar with Erin Burnett. I say spar, because from the moment go, Burnett’s tone was combative and dismissive. All that was missing was a few eye rolls.

Grenell was ready as he always is when she tried to suggest that a document, in this case Bolton’s book, can’t contain both classified information and falsehoods. This is a preschool level attempt at spin that is easily disproved.

I like the little laugh and “of course you can” from Grenell at the beginning. The media have already tried this tactic once, in which they asserted that because marginal aspects in the Steele dossier were true (i.e. a publicly known bit of travel or the name of a place), that it was “verified.” No, parts of it were outright false while other parts that didn’t provide salacious accusations were true in some instances. That’s how the real world works. Rarely is a document, even if labeled fictional, 100% true or false. Nuance is apparently something Burnett can’t grasp though, as she quickly tried to interrupt Grenell.


He didn’t stop though and explained that it’s perfectly possible to have sources and methods mentioned while intentionally misframing or outright lying about the actual meat of an event.

But it was the end of the video that stuck out to me. Grenell points out that media reports on King Jung Un being near death and possibly brain dead were an example of how this can happen, where the end claim ends up being completely false while other ancillary aspects of information gathering are exposed.

Burnett’s response is to lie about her network’s role, claiming it was another network that pushed those claims about the North Korean dictator. Except her network didn’t just report on Kim Jung Un supposedly being on his death bed. It was her network that reported it first. This is the former Obama official turned “journalist” who started the entire frenzy.


Are we supposed to act as if CNN wasn’t complicit in this bit of fake news because they didn’t use the words “brain dead?” They were still 100% wrong in their reporting and “grave danger” has a meaning. Burnett knows this but decided to mislead her audience while quickly ending the segment so Grenell couldn’t point it out. So much journalism.

CNN continues to be the last place you’d go for an honest portrayal of news.



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