Chris Christie Causes Pain by Pointing out Real Reason Biden Is Attacking Georgia's Voting Law

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As we’ve previously documented, President Biden and members of his administration including White House press secretary Jen Psaki are straight-up lying about Georgia’s new voting law, so much so that even fact-checkers who are typically friendly to Democrats are calling them out on it.


To make matters worse, Biden’s falsehoods and those of failed 2018 Georgia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams have now cost the state the Major League Baseball All-Star game, which was pulled Friday just two days after Biden said he would “strongly support” such a move.

ABC News “This Week” anchor George Stephanopoulos had a panel of guests on this morning to discuss “the latest fallout” from the law including the MLB caving to woke mobs and pulling the game. One of his guests was former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who was clearly incensed by what Biden was doing and set about to point out some inconvenient truths during the segment.

When asked by Stephanopoulos if the MLB “made the right move” with their decision, Christie instead took direct aim at Biden for being a raging hypocrite who promised unity and healing but instead was delivering needless division:

And I hate to come in here this morning to say this because I sat here and listened to the president’s inaugural address. And I just want a couple of real quick points from it.

“Politics need not be a raging fire that destroys everything in its path. Every disagreement doesn’t have to be a cause for total war, and we must reject a culture in which facts themselves are manipulated or made up.”

And Joe Biden’s broken his own rule, 84 days. And now, he’s lying to the American people, George. He’s lying about this bill. He’s lying to the American people about it to cause the raging fire he said he was going to put out. I’m very disappointed.



Stephanopoulos then turned to Democracy for America CEO Yvette Simpson, who proclaimed the 17 days that the Georgia bill allowed for early voting was not enough. “I think that, you know, what do we need to do to make sure early voting gets expanded. Seventeen days is not enough early voting,” she said

If that’s the case, Christie wondered, then why was Stacey Abrams praising New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) for allowing 9 days of early voting in his state at the same time she called Georgia’s law “Jim Crow 2.0“?

Well, Stacey Abrams, by the way, Stacey Abrams was in New Jersey, in my state, praising Phil Murphy this week for a voting law where New Jersey early voting is nine days. Half, half of what Georgia is.

Yet she’s on TV in New Jersey — I saw it myself — saying that this is one of the greatest voting expansion bills we’ve ever seen, but this is Jim Crow? I’m sorry, George.



At another point during the discussion, Simpson then told the “voters can’t be given water while standing in line” lie, and Christie again fired back with the truth about what the law called for:

SIMPSON: You should ask the people who know. You should ask the people who know. I’ve been doing voter protection for 10 years. Just the idea that you can’t give people water in line. I know people’s babies —

CHRISTIE: No, that’s just not true.

SIMPSON: I have held people’s babies while they go in to vote in order to enfranchise the vote. Do it by — do it by all (INAUDIBLE).

CHRISTIE: You can’t do electioneering — excuse me. That’s — I’m sorry, that’s just wrong.


CHRISTIE: A hundred and fifty feet, where, in New Jersey, in Chicago and any place else in the country, you’re not — he’s saying partisan groups cannot do electioneering by giving out food and water. And in the Georgia bill says that there can be water provided by the state of Georgia, just not by partisan groups.


But the biggest bomb Christie dropped was in pointing out the true motivations behind Biden’s lies about the Georgia law:


This is — it expands early voting in Georgia. The president said it ended it.

Listen, he’s what Joe Biden’s got to live with when he wakes up this morning on Easter morning. He is doing exactly what he sat around in the campaign and the transition and accused Donald Trump of doing. He is lying to cause racial divisions in this country. That’s what he accused Donald Trump of doing and he’s a liar and a hypocrite this morning (ph).

You could see the flustered face on Simpson as Christie pointed out the elephant in the room. Watch:

Christie nailed it. At the heart of the attacks on the law by Biden, Abrams, and other Democrats is the desire to keep Georgia’s newly minted blue status for years to come. Manipulating minority voters, as Democrats have done for decades, is a big part of their plan to do so.

But with Gov. Brian Kemp making clear Saturday that he will not back down from this fight, as well as other Republicans like Christie going into the lion’s den and setting the record straight, the Democrat attacks on the state could ultimately end up backfiring at the ballot box once more Georgians learn that the reason their state lost jobs and money over this law was because those on the left who claim to be trying to protect it from harm were lying about it the entire time.


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