Democrat Lawyer Marc Elias Uses Photo of Black Woman to Explain Georgia Voting Law, It Does Not Go Well

Republicans have long argued that Democrats oppose the concept of Voter ID because they inherently believe minority voters are too stupid to know how to get one if they need one and aren’t smart enough to know how to use it in the event they already have a picture ID.


Rarely on the left is the quiet part said out loud about this matter. But that exact scenario played out on the Twitter machine Thursday night after Democrat super-lawyer Marc Elias, a lead architect of many efforts to deceptively manipulate existing laws to the left’s advantage, thought he’d use his election law “expertise” to explain how some of Georgia’s new voting law reforms would supposedly disenfranchise voters.

While keeping in mind that the thrust of the Democrats’ bogus arguments over the last few weeks about the law has been that it is reminiscent of racist voter suppression tactics used in the Jim Crow era, take a look at what Elias wrote about voters having to submit ID in order to vote by mail:

So, like they wouldn’t be able to figure out that the number beside where it says “DL NO.” is the one they are supposed to use? Please also note that the sample driver’s license he used was one that included a photo of a black woman. He got called out on the racism in rather spectacular fashion, including by RedState’s Jeff Charles:


Elias’ pathetically weak defense was that he “never mentioned race” and got the photo from the Georgia DMV site, and apparently, that was supposed to justify him picking that particular one to use to make his argument that Georgia voters would end up having their voices suppressed:

Bzzzt! Wrong answer. As I noted above, the entirety of Democrat arguments against the law is that it will hurt black voters, Hispanic voters, and AAPI voters disproportionately in part because of the voter ID requirement. So we’re now supposed to believe he was talking about white people being disenfranchised when he posted the tweet using the sample photo ID of a black woman? Stop insulting our intelligence, buddy:


We know what he did. And so does he, which is perhaps why he spent the next few tweets after being called out digging himself an even bigger hole and trying to soothe his already massively overinflated ego.

One day he’ll learn to take the “L” like a man, but apparently, today is not that day. Bless his heart.

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