Media Matters Tries a 'Diversity' Attack on Tucker Carlson, Gets Smacked Down in Epic Fashion

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It’s been more than clear over the last two months that the national media and their accomplices allies at left-wing opinion sites like have been going through serious Trump withdrawals to the point they’re admitting as much. Not a day goes by where one does not see “journalists” like CNN’s Jim Acosta, a former White House correspondent who frequently sparred with Trump, figuring out how to insert a mention of the former president into their Twitter feeds even when he’s not in the headlines.


What’s also been clear is that the Usual Suspects have settled on Fox News host Tucker Carlson as their Trump replacement. Though Carlson has long been a target of the left’s ire and cancel campaigns, the word “obsessed” doesn’t come remotely close to covering how much attention they’ve given to the popular commentator in the two months since Joe Biden has been president.

Naturally, the liberal hacks at Media Matters have ramped up their own attacks on Carlson as a broader campaign by them to get Fox News punished/censored/de-platformed or taken off the air for having the audacity to air differing (conservative) points of view.

Their latest attack on both Carlson and Fox News was posted to their Twitter feed on Tuesday and involved a Fox statement about valuing diversity juxtaposed alongside comments Carlson has made on his program about diversity.

They were quite proud of their work. In fact, it’s their pinned tweet as of this writing. Watch:


As per the norm, the attack was deceptive on a number of fronts, the first one being that near the beginning of Fox’s statement were comments about how they were committed to respecting “differing perspectives,” which means, yes, someone with Carlson’s opinions would be welcomed. The second way it was deceptive is that you can bet money some of Carlson’s commentary was taken out of context. It’s a given, because that’s Media Matters’ method of operation.

Where they really screwed up, however, is in not thinking anyone would turn the tables on them. But that’s exactly what happened when Twitter user “Comfortably Smug” dropped an inconvenient fact on them in response to their tweet:

Nothing says “diversity” like a bunch of white dudes being picked again and again to lead the “woke” ship, right?

As usual, the left doesn’t hold themselves to their own standards. And while I don’t have an issue with any organization picking whoever they feel is the best fit for a leadership position, regardless of their color, race, sex, etc, these are the left’s rules — rules that they demand everyone else live by.


They play stupid games, they’re gonna win stupid prizes and get hoisted with their own petards. They really do make it a little too easy to do sometimes, though.

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