Are You Okay? Brian Stelter Flips Out Over Fox News Chyron, His Reaction Says More About Him Than Them

Are You Okay? Brian Stelter Flips Out Over Fox News Chyron, His Reaction Says More About Him Than Them
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As you may have heard by now, President Biden gave a partisan, scripted speech yesterday in which he proceeded to tell the American people what supposedly will and will not happen if they don’t follow government “recommendations” about the coronavirus vaccine and mask-wearing, etc.

Many of his remarks sounded disturbingly authoritarian in nature, but what also caught people’s attention was the fact that Biden did not look well.

“Biden stood behind his podium, often slumped over, squinting to read his teleprompter’s massive font. He’s getting worse, and it’s a sad scene,” was my colleague Bonchie’s assessment of Biden’s appearance last night.

Fox News host Sean Hannity noticed, too, and during his commentary about Biden’s remarks, a chyron appeared that read “Low Bar: Biden Survives Short, Scripted Speech.”

It’s not a chyron that would run during one of their straight news programs, but Hannity is an admittedly biased, right-wing host, so naturally, his opinions are going to be featured on the banners that pop up during his show. But the fact that Hannity is on the opinion side at Fox did not stop CNN’s resident media hall monitor Brian Stelter from erupting in outrage over the chyron, huffing over the fact that “Fox” was not displaying any patriotism towards Biden’s speech:

Note how he first framed Biden’s speech as “addressing the country about one of the worst crises in our lifetimes.” That alone tells you what was coming next from Stelter. I mean, you could almost hear the fury emoting from his fingertips as he typed it.

But his meltdown said more about him and his own biases than it did about Fox News. Since when is any network obligated to “wrap itself in the American flag” over a presidential speech? And especially one where threats were issued and a list of “dos and don’ts” were given out, as though the people watching were children who couldn’t make informed decisions for themselves?

Right? I mean we heard for four years that dissent was patriotic and stuff, but apparently, that rule expired once the media projected Joe Biden to win the presidency, and even more so once he was inaugurated.

To borrow an infamous line from Stelter, we’ll characterize his tweet whining about the Fox News chyron as “refreshing”, because in a way it was refreshing to see him confirm — right there in black and white on the Twitter machine — what so many of us have said about both him and his network for years now, and that is that CNN is not a news organization.

Memo to Mr. Stelter: Just because you and your colleagues are willing to bend over backward (or is it forward?) to please this administration doesn’t mean Fox News or anyone else for that matter should have to obediently follow along. Next time, get a room.

UPDATE! Birds of a feather, and all that:

LOL. So predictable.

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