A Barely Alive Joe Biden Levies Threats, Appears Clueless in Primetime Speech

AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File

Tonight, Joe Biden gave his first primetime address, and I could probably spend an entire article just riffing on his appearance. The man is not well, and that was once again obvious tonight. If one ever needed a visual for what being half-dead looks like, you got that in spades from this speech. Biden stood behind his podium, often slumped over, squinting to read his teleprompter’s massive font. He’s getting worse, and it’s a sad scene.


Regardless, there was also some semblance of substance to address regarding what he said. At one point, the president appeared to levy a fresh threat to re-lockdown the country if you don’t follow his rules.

Biden can attempt to reinstate whatever he wants at this point. No one is going to listen to him, and I’d love to see him attempt to actually enforce “restrictions” from the federal level. What’s he going to do? Send the Federal Marshals after people who don’t wear masks or open their businesses? I’m guessing such a move wouldn’t go over very well. Biden is feckless and weak, consumed with threats he can’t back up. His words are meaningless.

At another point, Biden said something that makes me question whether he inhabits the same reality as the rest of us.


Wait, does Biden think people aren’t already gathering in groups, having BBQs, and generally living their lives? Or does he think the entire country is operating like New York and Washington D.C.? The majority of people have been having friends over, going to restaurants, and enjoying the outdoors for a long time. I think I started eating at restaurants again back in June of last year.

Further, what does it matter if it’s a small or large group? If the vaccine works, then it works regardless of the situation. There is no point whatsoever in putting arbitrary limits on the size of gatherings, but Biden seems intent on making that attempt.

Here’s what’s going to happen on July 4th this year. People are going to do whatever the heck they want, and that’s perfectly fine. The pandemic is waning, I suspect largely because we are nearing herd immunity, but also because the vaccine is in wide distribution now. Unless you are over 65 and unvaccinated, you are simply torturing yourself for no reason by observing any “restrictions” at this point. Enough of this madness.


In the end, this speech was an absolute joke. Biden attempted to take credit for things he didn’t do while still attempting to hang onto power he shouldn’t have. I suppose it was impressive that he didn’t keel over, but that’s about as positive as I can get about the whole ordeal.



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