CNN's Daniel Dale Reveals How It's Gonna Be With 'Fact-Checking' Joe Biden, It Doesn't Go Well

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As I’ve noted before, so-called “fact-checkers” have done about as much damage to their own profession as national media journalists have in recent years, and there is no better example of that than CNN’s Daniel Dale.

Dale, who in his Twitter bio labels himself as a “reporter, fact-checking the president and other politicians”, has thoroughly beclowned himself and his profession in the recent past with ridiculous “fact checks” like claiming during one presidential debate last year between Joe Biden and Donald Trump that Biden “was again imperfect from a fact check perspective” while “Trump was, as usual, a serial liar.”

In another instance, during a CNN town hall for Biden last September Dale actually praised Biden for “implicitly fact checking Trump by…uttering many consecutive coherent sentences” (yes, he really said that).

Fast forward a few months, and it’s the same old song and dance, except this time we have a new twist, and it revolves around “nuances” and Biden allegedly being “quite factual.”

Dale’s Twitter promo yesterday of the “fact check” he did on Biden’s Friday speech on a COVID relief plan claimed Biden was “quite factual” in his comments:

Say what??

The teaser on CNN’s Twitter page was equally ridiculous, characterizing certain questionable claims made by Biden as “nuances worth noting”:

Understandably, their explainers … did not go well:

This Twitter user provided the absolute perfect translation for the “highly factual” assertion:

Their inarguable liberal bias is the reason so few on the right trust supposedly “respectable” fact-checkers like Dale, Politifact, the Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler, and all the rest.

We can laugh a bit at this but in reality, it’s really sad, because the public should be able to look to fact-checkers to check claims and rate them without doing so based on political biases. But they can’t, because fact-checkers have been reduced to shilling for one major political party over the other.

It won’t get any better, unfortunately, because their left-leaning audiences are fine with living in that alternative reality, where everything their guy says is right or “imperfect” but okay while everything the other guy says is a blatant lie and part of some evil plot to con the public.

As is the case for the mainstream media, respect for fact-checkers at this point is at an all-time low. Who can they blame? All they need is a mirror, where they won’t like what they see if they’re being totally honest (which, for them, I know is a very tall order).

(Hat tip: Twitchy)

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