Unbelievable: 'Reporter' Shames GOP Rep Who Probably Saved Lives - for Not Wearing Mask During Capitol Riots

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Though 2021 is barely a week old, one reporter has already jumped to the head of the line for the “Idiotic Hot Take of the Year’ award.

Grace Segers, who is a political reporter for CBS News, happened to be in the Capitol building on Wednesday when rioters began breaking windows and storming the entrance.


She posted periodic Twitter updates from her position in the building as events unfolded, which was understandable considering the chaos that was going on. But it was two tweets she posted the following day that had people rolling their eyes and scratching their heads.

Here’s how she began:

I’m not sure about you, but if I’m hunkered down under a table, behind a chair, or in a room, I’ve been ushered into in order to keep safe from harm, my thoughts are not going to have anything whatsoever to do with worrying about whether not those around me wearing masks. And even if did happen to think about it, the last thing I’d think about doing was rushing to social media to give lawmakers who’d just been through what they had a Karen-esque lecture about not wearing a mask.

But Segers’ mask-shaming went further than just finger-pointing at anonymous lawmakers. In her second tweet, she named names. And it just so happened to be that the one she mentioned – Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) – actually helped Capitol Hill police by trying to stop the rioters from gaining entry:


Just incredible. Imagine being that person who instead of thanking the person who might have helped save her life, tries to “out” him for not grabbing his mask to put on as he tried to deescalate tensions with rioters.

Twitter users responded accordingly:

So weird. I couldn’t find the article, either.

There are several photos circulating of Mullin by hateful liberals who accused him, a former MMA fighter, of being a “coward” because at one point he was two or three rows back from the melee kneeling behind a chair. But other photos show he was much closer to the action at one point, and even Segers herself credited him for helping barricade the door:


Mullin talked with Fox News on Thursday about what he saw happen, and his role in trying to help quell the violence:

“I jumped actually one time behind the chair because those chairs in the chamber are actually bulletproof, but then I quickly realized that those weren’t shots fired and that’s when all the Capitol police had pulled their weapons,” Mullin continued.

“I started saying, ‘Those aren’t shots, no shots, no shots, don’t fire, don’t fire’ because they [Capitol police] were about ready, rightfully so, to start shooting through the door.”

He said he then walked up to the door and “said, ‘Guys, you almost got shot is this worth it?’ and they were still yelling. I said, ‘You almost got shot. Is it worth it?’”

He also called the Capitol Hill police the true heroes of the day.


As of this writing, Seger’s tweets about Mullin are still up, because – as has been made clear long before now, mask-shaming among Beltway journalists has become nothing short of an Olympic sport.

Move along, no bias to see here…

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