LOL: Brian Stelter Kinda Sorta Throws Sidekick Oliver Darcy Under the Bus After Bret Baier Dust-Up


I wrote this morning about the spicy back and forth exchange between CNN’s junior media hall monitor Oliver Darcy and Fox News anchor Bret Baier that was initiated by Darcy Wednesday after Baier reported on election fraud allegations President Trump made in a video posted to Facebook.


To briefly recap, Darcy twice falsely accused Baier of not bothering to “fact check” or “provide context” for the claims Trump made. Baier refuted him twice, but in the second of his two responses, Baier also mic-dropped him by pointing out the things his program did that programs on CNN do not: “It’s called balance. You should try it.” It was the second time in recent weeks that Baier took him to the woodshed without so much as breaking a sweat.

CNN’s senior media hall monitor Brian Stelter made a point of quoting Darcy extensively on the Baier dust-up in the media newsletter they take turns writing:

Considering Stelter and Darcy usually don’t quote journalists and colleagues in their newsletter who they disagree with, it was widely assumed that Stelter agreed with Darcy since he made sure to feature Darcy’s “dereliction of duty” accusation against Baier in the letter.


After the newsletter went out, Darcy and Stelter both took a lot of grief on Twitter for their more-obnoxious-than-normal behavior – especially considering that they concern-trolled Baier the night before his 13-year-old son was scheduled to have his 4th open-heart surgery. Greta Van Susteren, who anchored Fox News and CNN programs at various points in her career, was one of the more high-profile media figures to criticize them:

It was at this point when the most unintentionally hilarious moment of the day happened. Stelter kinda sorta threw Darcy under the bus by way of invoking the lame “I didn’t say it, he did!” defense:


Van Susteren didn’t buy it – nor did anyone else familiar with the childish antics of CNN’s Dynamic Duo of Dum Dums:

Stelter had already run away from the argument at that point, presumably because he was busy pulling his buddy out from the bus he’d just kicked him under, and begging him for forgiveness. 😉

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