The Receipts Come Due on Media Proclamations About a Vaccine, and Woo Boy

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A couple of days ago, I put out a piece detailing a few of the ridiculous former takes on Trump promising a vaccine by the end of the year. Little did I know that the receipts would become even more damning. While NBC News fact-checking Trump’s claim when it hadn’t even had a chance to come to fruition was bad enough, I think the following proclamations are even worse.


Get a load of these:

When you see the phrase “experts say” used by a journalist, it’s a sure sign to ignore everything that follows. The game is simple. Instead of providing actual evidence for a determination that conveniently coincides with their chosen narrative, they make false appeals to authority when even the authority in question couldn’t possibly know what they are claiming. When Trump said a vaccine was coming in May, he was privy to the internal timelines. What some “expert” says is irrelevant. Further, Dr. Fauci’s skepticism is also irrelevant. He’s not all-knowing in that he could have any idea in March how long it would actually take.

And indeed, the vaccine was produced in record time, and it was delivered before the end of the year just as Trump continually said it would be. This would be the point where an honest media would give him credit and admit they were wrong. Instead, we are getting more deflections and zero admissions.


Of course, MSNBC was — and continues to be — one of the worst offenders.

It’s fitting that such a comment was made on Brian Williams’ show. He’s obviously not a person with a relationship with truth and fairness so it just makes sense. Williams had a chance to push back here and state that we simply don’t know how things will turn out. Instead, he and this other MSNBC flack pretend as if they have certain knowledge that a vaccine wouldn’t be available. That take, of course, aged like milk in the sun, something that has happened to a lot of media anti-Trump takes.

There’s more, though. Here’s Vox’s Aaron Rupar, perhaps the most dishonest person on the internet, asserting just a little over a month ago that Trump was still lying about a vaccine coming by the end of the year.


Literally a week after Rupar made that snark-laden tweet, Pfizer announced the vaccine was ready.

Trump was right, they were wrong. That’s the bottom line. The media proved themselves to be absolute partisan hacks once again, willing to trash objectively good and true statements by the President about a vaccine just to shill for the left-wing narrative. That’s how little regard they have for their audiences. Luckily, their influence only continues to wane further.

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