Trump Made the Media Look Like Fools Again

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Regardless of what happens next year in regards to the presidency, one thing is for certain: Donald Trump has thoroughly exposed the news industry for what they are. The once-storied fourth estate has been reduced to peddling Russian conspiracy theories and repeating Democrat talking points verbatim. There isn’t even an attempt at objectivity anymore. To the extent a facade still existed prior to 2016, it no longer exists in 2020.


Case in point? We can now check the receipts on how the media treated Trump’s claims of a vaccine arriving at the end of the year. You’ll be less than shocked to learn the media were shown to be fools once again.

The first thing you should take from this is that our “experts” are either partisans or idiots; perhaps both. Almost all of these “fact-checks” and articles cited supposed intellects claiming that getting a vaccine done by the end of the year was nearly impossible or would require a “miracle.” In reality, the vaccine was completed with almost two months to spare. Large scale roll-out will be happening by New Years. After that, 100 million doses are planned in the first hundred days (that was Trump’s doing, not Biden who is now announcing that as his “plan”).

But let’s be honest. None of the media’s skepticism about the vaccine was based in science or fact. They were simply looking for yet another political wedge to hammer in. Given how hated Trump is among the academic crowd, it was fairly easy for them to find “experts” willing to tell them what they wanted to hear. Besides, how do you “fact-check” something that hasn’t had a chance to happen yet? The answer is that you don’t, but NBC News sure tried, claiming that Trump was lying about when the vaccine would be delivered.


In the end, Trump made the media look like fools again. That’s been a common theme of his presidency, but this example was especially egregious on the part of the news industry. They had a chance to be straight up and only report the facts. Instead, they chose to push false narratives about it being nearly impossible to deliver the vaccine. For that, their credibility remains in tatters. Remember this the next time some media flack tries to cite “experts” to push their preferred narrative. It’s all politics, all the time.

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