Republicans Have Much to Be Thankful for on Thanksgiving Day

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With it being Thanksgiving and all, most people aren’t thinking about politics. They’re either doing food prep right about now and enjoying the tantalizing smells of the turkey as it cooks, or are sitting down to enjoy the big feast with their family and friends.


Soon after (or maybe not so soon, depending on how much stuffing and potatoes they eat!) they’ll enjoy some warm pumpkin pie topped with whipped cream while sipping a coffee.

But even though it’s a holiday where even political junkies, for the most part, take the day off from politicking, there are going to be Republican diehards who are still thinking about the presidential election and wondering if the results will hold, if the Trump campaign will have some success with the legal challenges that will play out in the courts, or if it is simply hopeless at this point.

While I don’t have the answers to the above questions, one thing I do know beyond a shadow of a doubt is that Republicans had a good day on Election Day, and that has continued to play out as more House races were called in the days and weeks after.

My colleagues Nick Arama, Jennifer O’Connell, and Shipwreckedcrew have all written about the big gains Republicans made in the U.S. House and the gains/holds they had at the statehouse level, including here in my beloved state of North Carolina — where we did our part to hold the line in the presidential race, the U.S. Senate race, and in down-ballot races.


The Republican victories in the House and at the state level are a very big deal. They put to bed the absurd fantasy being pushed by Biden and Pelosi that Democrats were given a “mandate” in this year’s elections.

The drubbing House Democrats took and the Republican victories/holds in state legislative races across the country do not equate to a Democratic mandate in any way, shape, form, or fashion. Voters rejected socialism, they rejected the defund the police movement, and the AOC-ification of America.

Thanks to President Trump, the Supreme Court now has a conservative majority. In addition to that, House Speaker Pelosi will have a harder time getting her radical legislative priorities rammed through in 2021. Also, the redistricting battles in numerous states across our great country are going to give state Democratic lawmakers, governors, and their high-priced teams of super-lawyers many, many nightmares for years to come.


On the U.S. Senate side, we have two more races to go — in Georgia on Jan. 5 — to find out if Republicans will maintain their control of the Senate in 2021.

If we hold the line there, the future ahead is even brighter, whether Trump’s legal challenges are successful or not. It’d be easier if Trump were victorious, but even if he’s not, Republicans are still going to be in a good position next year to give Democrats a lot of problems.

Chins up, Republicans. Ya did good this year. Let’s do even better next year.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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