Tucker Carlson Shares the Sobering Reality in Georgia

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After a contentious, highly questionable presidential election, Republicans are once again being asked to man the front lines. This time in Georgia, where two Senate run-offs threaten to decide the direction the country goes under a possible Biden administration. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue are facing off against Raphael Warnock and John Ossoff.

Last night, Tucker Carlson delivered a sobering reminder of just what’s at stake.

I understand both sides of this. While I absolutely prioritize keeping the Senate in this instance, and if I lived in Georgia I’d be voting for the GOP candidates without a second thought, I also understand how this rubs Trump supporters the wrong way.

In 2016 and again in 2020, a lot of the same beltway voices now demanding total fealty in Georgia toward the GOP were insisting that party wasn’t everything and that they wouldn’t support Trump, either directly or implicitly. In other words, I completely understand the angst felt by Trump supporters when a bunch of establishment squishes begin telling them the world is going to burn if they don’t show up. Where were these people when we were saying that voting for Trump was so vital? Mostly sitting on the sidelines, that’s where.

Yet, Tucker is ultimately right. The stakes are just too high to use these run-off elections to send a message, nor would I think the GOP would receive said message anyway. Given that, I’m against doing anything that’s going to help put Democrats in power. While many on the Never Trump right (and the less bombastic Trump-skeptical right) only want to proclaim the dangers of Democrats when it fits their narrative, I’m going to remain consistent and say that electing left-wing politicians is always bad, no matter who the GOP candidate on the other side is.

With that said, if you live in Georgia, get out and vote. If you don’t, do whatever you can to help these races end in victory for the GOP. Politics is rarely pure, and though we probably aren’t going to get what we want as far as the White House goes (barring some miraculous legal comeback), there is still time to place big roadblocks in front of Joe Biden. That’s going to be crucial to limiting the damage of the next four years.

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