Woke Author Tries Defining What the 'Opposite of Woke' Means, and the Responses Were Perfect

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Though there is still much disagreement between Democrats/the media and Republicans as to whether or not the presidential race is over, one thing both sides seem to be able to agree upon is that House Democrats got their patooties kicked on Election Day. Even Dem-friendly media outlets like CNN are conceding the point:

As House Democrats prepare to reelect their entire leadership team this week, one thing has come into clear focus 14 days removed from the 2020 election: They got beat — badly.

… the last few days have been filled with close House races (finally) being projected. And those projections reveal just how poorly House Democrats did.

With just a handful of races still uncalled at this point, Republicans have gained nine seats — having won 12 Democratic-held districts and lost just three of their own. And those numbers don’t even tell the full story, given that two of the three seats Republicans lost were the direct result of a redrawing of North Carolina’s congressional districts that reworked the map in ways that were decidedly unfavorable to the GOP. Subtract those two seats, which neither party spent any money in or seriously contested, and you are down to a single competitive seat that went from red to blue: The suburban Atlanta 7th District.

On Democratic conference calls and in interviews since Election Day, Democratic politicians, strategists, and pundits alike have talked about what they believe happened and why they were rejected.

The consensus from most of them is that voters rejected “wokeism” (as Bill Maher discussed in a recent “Politically Incorrect” episode). The push for defunding police, the emphasis on socialistic policies, basically any and every “woke” social policy that AOC and the rest of the media darlings in the “Squad” car have advocated, were huge factors in why they lost so many seats in the House and why the battle for control of the Senate has been much more of an uphill climb than Democrats anticipated.

So with all of that in mind, it was rather humorous to see author Dan Arel, who describes himself as an “anarchist” but whose Twitter feed nevertheless comes off as something straight out of the “woke progressive” playbook, take to scolding Twitter user “Conceptual James” for defining “the opposite of woke.” James described it as “freedom”, which did not compute with Arel, who did social justice warriors proud with the gigantic leap he made onto his high horse:

But while AOC no doubt would have been impressed by such a grand display of pseudo-selflessness, others weren’t, and responded accordingly:

And as is often the case when the error of their ways are presented to them, the wokester author proceeded to do the predictable thing by accusing everyone else of being “bigots” because of course he did:

I really, really, really hope the woke mobs of SJWs who Democrats have embraced over the last several years continue to pretend they are everyone else’s social and intellectual betters, and continue to push Democrats further and further to the left. Because the more they do so, the easier it will make it for Republicans to retake the House in 2022.

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