Comedy Gold: Paul Krugman Melts Down Over Dem Losses, Accidentally Admits He Doesn’t Have a Clue

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As we’ve documented here at RedState, though Democrats are prematurely celebrating the as-yet-to-be-determined presidential election, teeth are also now being gnashed over the drubbing they took in House races as well as the defeats they suffered in local races and on some referendum votes.


There appears to be much disagreement amongst Democrats as to what was responsible for their losses at the ballot box. Was it their push to defund the police? The riots? Was it Republicans tying vulnerable Democrats to socialism? Joe Biden’s flip flops on fracking? Their stonewalling on the COVID relief bill?

The answer is a combination of one or more of the above in concert with the possibility that perhaps more and more Americans are becoming fed up with the left’s identity politics games and the shoehorning of various minority groups into neat little boxes as though individuals can’t (and shouldn’t) think for themselves.

Noted anti-Trump liberal conspiracy theorist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman is one of the more high-profile leftists to be openly wondering what happened. In one of multiple Twitter threads he’s written recently, Kruggie lamented the fact that more black and Hispanic voters went for Trump this year than in 2016 – despite what he believes about racism allegedly being “Trump’s brand”:


It simply does not compute with him that in California even leftists are waking up to the folly of AB5 or that in Florida Cuban Americans prefer a president who doesn’t cotton to socialistic dictatorships. And that elsewhere more black Americans are seeing that, unlike Democrats, Trump is listening to their concerns and not taking their support for granted.


The good news here beyond the fact that Democrats had a bad night Tuesday night is that at least Krugman is willing to admit – possibly for the first time – that he doesn’t have a clue on how to understand voters, especially those from key Democratic voting blocs who don’t march in lockstep with the Democratic party. The bad news is that, like other leftists (and NeverTrumpers) in and outside of the media, Krugman has no interest in understanding them. Because treating them with utter disdain and contempt apparently is so much easier.

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