Vox Journo Encourages Post-Election Violence at Trump-Owned Properties, Media Firefighters Strangely Silent

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We’ve been listening to our intellectual betters in the mainstream media for weeks now tell us that if any post-election violence goes down, that Trump supporters will be the ones stoking it and participating in it because they simply will not be able to control themselves if President Trump loses to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.


CNN senior media correspondent Brian Stelter and his sidekick Oliver Darcy have both been two of many who have pushed this bunk, ignoring the fact that business owners in Democrat-run cities across America have boarding up their buildings over the last several days because they’ve been witness to the Antifa/BLM-led riots that have plagued their cities since the death of George Floyd back on May 25th.

Needless to say, they don’t want their businesses to be among the victims of the far left’s wrath.

In contrast to StelterCo., Vox.com co-founder and senior correspondent Matt Yglesias doesn’t appear to be interested in participating in such a high degree of media gaslighting. While that’s something to be thankful for on election eve, what is alarming about journalist Yglesias’ hot take on what might happen in the aftermath of the election was his encouragement of violence against Trump-owned properties in the event he “steals” the election.

Yglesias started his two tweet rant last night acknowledging the boarding up of businesses in Washington, D.C. in advance of Election Day. “It’s awfully ominous,” he tweeted:


It was in his next (now-deleted) tweet, however, that he urged rioters to hit Trump’s hotel in DC – where men, women, and children would be sleeping and hotel staff working – if they felt like “smashing windows”:

Strangely enough, the same media firefighters – including Stelter and all the rest – could simply not be bothered to condemn a fellow journalist for encouraging the very type of violence they say will be coming from supporters of President Trump. So odd.

While it’s true Yglesias eventually did delete his tweet, it was several hours later, and only after conservatives called him out for it – not any of his colleagues in the media, nor the hall monitors at Twitter.

Tells you quite a bit about the supposed “decency and civility standards” amongst the left-wingers in Big Tech as well as the DC/Beltway/NYC establishment media that none of the usual suspects in either industry would hold one of their own to the same standards to which they hold conservatives when it comes to condemning threats of violence and calling for a respecting of the outcome of the election, whichever way it happens to go.


Then again, as I’ve said before, Democrats, the media, and social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook always hold themselves to different standards than they do folks on the right. They hold Republicans to two standards, and themselves to none.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

And yet they have the nerve to claim it’s conservatives who are the violent ones?

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