CNN Interviews Noted Medical Expert Dave Matthews About Trump's Campaign Rallies, Sanjay Gupta Hardest Hit

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I’ve gotten to the point I tune out most “legal/medical experts” in the media these days except for those who appear to have a level head on their shoulders and who aren’t prone to basing their “analyses” on the opinions of the supposedly objective news anchors who are interviewing them.

As we’ve documented on numerous occasions, the so-called legal/medical experts frequently interviewed by cable news outlets like MSNBC and CNN usually analyze from a left-wing perspective. For example, it is without fail that Dr. Sanjay Gupta will always find fault with Trump and his handling of the coronavirus outbreak, always nodding right along with whatever Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo, and other anchors have to say.

Perhaps it was with those types of criticisms in mind, or perhaps not, that CNN “The Lead” anchor Jake Tapper interviewed Grammy-winning musician Dave Matthews Thursday in what basically ended up being a predictable in-kind contribution to the Biden-Harris campaign.

Among other things, the two talked about how music has helped people get through 2020, as well as Matthews’ support for the Democratic presidential ticket. But at a certain point Tapper, who once worked for Democrats and wrote for the liberal website Salon before turning to “straight news” reporting, bizarrely sought out Matthews’ analysis of Trump holding campaign rallies in the middle of a pandemic, because science or whatever.

Here’s what Matthews had to say in response:

“It’s very disappointing,” Matthews said in a Thursday interview on CNN’s “The Lead,” telling Jake Tapper, “The sort of disregard for science, and the disregard for the health of people, and disregard for even his own … his greatest followers that are willing to go to an environment. But it does tell everybody don’t really worry about this, believe what you will about it.”

Tapper noted how, as a performer, Matthews won’t hold massive in-person concerts because he doesn’t want his fans to get infected with the deadly virus.

“It’s a disregard for what’s happening,” Matthews, 53, responded. “It’s just a playing by your own rules, taken to a really absurd and kind of insulting, obviously selfish, degree.”


“But the direction that [Biden’s] leadership would take the country would be at least toward trying to again turn the country into a place that listens to the science, and listens to the medical industry, and listens to the people that know, that have an idea of what is happening,” Matthews said.

“I think it’s unfortunate that we’re in a place right now where it’s believe what you will,” he added, “which is kind of scary.”


I’m not sure who this “analysis” made look worse: Jake Tapper for asking the question, Matthews – who seemed to be suggesting a cult-like “we all must believe what the ‘experts’ tell us” mentality, or Dr. Gupta – whose supposedly objective hot takes on Trump’s coronavirus outbreak handling really don’t sound much different than what Matthews had to say. I’d also like to take a moment to point out that Matthews was not asked his thoughts on the large and crowded “peaceful protests” that have taken place over the last few months, also in the middle of a pandemic.

These observations about the “interview” were spot-on:

Right? I mean, who KNEW? Better watch out, Dr. Gupta! You’ve got some competition goin’ on there. Same same goes for you, too, Sean Penn.

(Hat tip: Twitchy)

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