Wisconsin Congressman Gives Best Response to Democrat Opponent Who Accused Him of Being 'Privileged'

If you’re anything like me, you’re fed up to here with the use of the word “privilege” by Democrats and many in the mainstream media.

It’s another on a long list of shutuppery tactics they use in order to try and shut down conservative viewpoints on issues that especially impact women, African-Americans, Hispanics, etc. The insinuation behind it is that if a person is “privileged” then they’re not qualified to weigh in on the discussion because they don’t know what it’s like to walk in the shoes of someone who might have faced a lot of challenges growing up, or who may face disadvantages in the workplace that a white man supposedly wouldn’t, and so on.


Republican Congressman Mike Gallagher (WI-8) has been on the receiving end of the “privilege” accusation on multiple occasions courtesy of his Democrat opponent and state Rep. Amanda Stuck.

From a simple Google search of “Mike Gallagher privilege”, one can find out that Ms. Stuck has played the “disadvantaged woman takes on wealthy Congressman” card to the hilt – bizarrely doing so by way of frequently referencing the Broadway career of Rep. Gallagher’s wife Anne:

“I don’t come from wealth and privilege like Mike Gallagher does. I didn’t marry a Broadway star like Mike Gallagher did. I married a sheet metal journeyman. We know what it’s like to work multiple jobs to stay ahead,” Stuck said in a taped video for WisconsinVote.org. “For most of us, Broadway is a street in Green Bay. It isn’t a place in Manhattan, like Mike Gallagher knows.”


“Mike Gallagher is able to vote against his constituents because he doesn’t understand what they go through,” Stuck said before making the comments about Gallagher’s upbringing in California and about his wife Anne’s theater career in Manhattan. She contrasts Gallagher’s life experience with her own: parents who waited on tables and bagged groceries.

And just to show you how desperate Stuck is for traction in the race, when Anne Gallagher defended herself and slammed Stuck for shaming her for her career choices, here’s how the Democrat responded:


“It’s an absolute joke that Mike Gallagher would accuse the single mom who worked two and three jobs at a time to put herself through school of attacking a woman’s career,” Stuck said.


“Congress is full of people like Mike Gallagher who come from privilege,” Stuck said.

Gallagher and Stuck had a debate Monday night where she again accused him of coming from wealth and privilege. By the end of the debate, Rep. Gallagher had heard enough.

In the closing argument he made to voters in his district before the debate concluded, here’s how he addressed Stuck’s claims:

“Tonight I want to set the record straight. [My opponent is] actually right. I was privileged to grow up in northeast Wisconsin in a family that taught me we are all privileged to be Americans, citizens of the greatest country on Earth, but that we had a duty to serve.

And therefore I had the privilege of serving the country I love in the United States Marine Corps. And the privilege of serving alongside true heroes, young men, and women who sacrificed everything to keep us safe. And for the past few years, I have had the privilege of serving you in Congress, where I’ve provided direct assistance to the unsung heroes.”

He went on to ask his constituents to honor him with the privilege of continuing to serve them in Congress.

Watch Gallagher’s full answer below. Starts at around the :27 second mark:


Bravo! Well done, sir. Well done.

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