Brian Stelter Steps in It Big Time, Gets Dunked After Hypocritical 'WTF' Hot Take on Steve Scully Story

Brian Stelter Steps in It Big Time, Gets Dunked After Hypocritical 'WTF' Hot Take on Steve Scully Story
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The Steve Scully story is unquestionably a big scandal in Media World.

“Journalists” and other prominent media figures on the left who told us for weeks what a fair-minded presidential debate moderator the C-SPAN political editor would be despite his close personal ties to the Biden family appear to be genuinely shocked Scully lied about his Twitter account being hacked after he posted a “should I respond to Trump” tweet to former White House comms director Anthony Scaramucci last Thursdsay.

CNN chief media correspondent Brian Stelter was one of the many singing Scully’s praises just a few short weeks ago. But today after the story of Scully’s suspension from C-SPAN broke, Stelter took to the Twitter machine to express fauxtrage over the news, calling it “a true WTF, what-was-he-thinking moment… causing real damage to the national news media’s reputation”:

It goes without saying that his reaction easily falls under the “pot calling the kettle black” category. I mean, Stelter of all people lecturing about a media figure causing “real damage to the national news media’s reputation” is kind of like Bill Clinton pointing fingers at others about adultery.

In any event, Fox News contributor and former Gov. Mike Huckabee dinged Stelter by correctly pointing out that the media’s reputation was in the gutter well before Scully tweeted Scaramucci for advice:

Stelter’s reply was to dig a deeper hole, stating that the media’s “self-inflicted wounds are such a problem”:

Beyond the obvious problems with Stelter’s hypocritical “WTF” hot take is the fact that prior to today’s story breaking about Scully’s admission and suspension is the fact that not one person at CNN – not Stelter, not his sidekick Oliver Darcy, not anyone at CNN – ever reported on the scandalous story of Scully tweeting to Scaramucci until TODAY – a week after the tweet was posted:

Despite the controversy driving social media over the previous 24 hours, none of the major news networks covered the alleged hacking scandal. CNN and MSNBC didn’t touch the subject, nor did any of the three broadcast networks on their morning and evening newscasts.

But Stelter’s absence from the story was particularly interesting considering he’s a media reporter and supposed “expert” whose job it is to report on all things media. But he ignored this “bad look for the media” story until he couldn’t anymore.

Twitter users didn’t let him skate by on the issue today:

Though some people are indeed wondering why Stelter covered this story up for a week, I’m not, and you shouldn’t be either – especially not after his stunning admission earlier this week that he thinks it’s the media’s job to “protect the public” from stories reporters don’t think they should hear about.

If that doesn’t clue people in on what kind of “media reporter” Brian Stelter is, I don’t know what will.

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