Yes, Let's Talk About the Sexism That Happened on VP Debate Night - Against Mike Pence

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Vice President Mike Pence makes a point during the vice presidential debate with Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2020, at Kingsbury Hall on the campus of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)


Predictably, the first question of the night at the vice presidential debate had barely been uttered before the Usual Suspects started yapping about Vice President Pence’s alleged “sexism!” and “mansplaining!” towards Sen. Kamala Harris.

It was an absurd claim. So much so that even some in the mainstream media pushed back on the insulting and demeaning (to women) comment, with ABC News reporter Martha Raddatz issuing perhaps the most forceful condemnation of the allegation:

“When I hear people talk about mansplaining, and talk about these things with Kamala Harris, and a man shouldn’t interrupt her, and it’s going to look bad,” Raddatz replied. “Kamala Harris is a vice presidential candidate, she should be able to stand up for herself.”


“… a man can interrupt another vice presidential candidate. It is up to that candidate to talk back, to interrupt themselves, or to hold on to that debate in any way they could.”

But while much has been discussed and debated over the last 48 hours or so about Pence’s supposed “sexism” and “mansplaining” (neither of which was actually in evidence Wednesday night), there hasn’t been much talk about the actual sexism that was on display that night — towards Pence.


Former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly was among the many to point it out:


Twitter ladies on the left loved the raunchy double entendre from the “professional” and enlightened female commentators at MSNBC:


While random Twitter comments may be dismissed, that these terms came from two women (Maddow and Wallace) who would have erupted in hysterical fits of outrage had anyone dared used similar terms about Sen. Harris (for example, “Harris at times appeared bouncy on the issues and unable to perform”) says quite a bit about the icky double standards that persist in political discourse when it comes to how the opposite sexes refer to one another.

If it’s not right to make blatantly sexist comments about women in politics, why is it considered acceptable when women do that to men?

Not trying to be the tone police here, but considering we’ve been hit with non-stop hot takes about Mike Pence’s supposed sexism simply because he dared to speak up and not be shushed during a debate that featured a biased moderator, it’s about time a little sanity was injected into the discussion with some real-talk about liberal/Never Trump women who don’t practice what they preach – and continuously get away with it.


Dear Ms. Wallace and Ms. Maddow — if it’s not okay for men to judge women based on their gender, it’s not okay for women to do the same towards men. That includes you.

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