CNN's Brian Stelter Gnashes Teeth Over Tucker Carlson Chyron, Then Facts Get Dropped to Prove Carlson's Point

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“Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter – screengrab via CNN.


Brian Stelter is infamous for many things. Among them is his penchant for conveniently downplaying the violent left-wing Antifa/BLM-led riots that have plagued major Democrat-run cities across America since the death of George Floyd.


The latest instance of CNN’s resident chief media correspondent feigning incredulousness on this issue happened Monday night during a segment of Tucker Carlson’s program. The Fox News host was talking about the left threatening violence after the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Friday.

During the segment, Carlson dropped receipt after receipt in talking about their threats, noting that some had marched to Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s home, while others threatened to “burn it all down” if Trump made the decision to submit a SCOTUS nomination for Senate consideration.

Watch Carlson’s full rant below. Pay close attention to the banner messaging that starts at around the five and a half minute mark:

Carlson’s mountain of evidence wasn’t enough for Stelter, who became triggered by the chyron that noted liberals were threatening violence over a pre-election Supreme Court nomination battle. He reacted to it by tweeting this:

As I documented Saturday and as others pointed out to him in the comments to his tweet, the threats to shut the country down, burn it down, etc were all over the place so there was nothing in Carlson’s rant he should have taken issue with if he really was an honest media reporter:


On a related note, does he not even pay attention to his own network?

Maddening. It’s like this guy lives in a bubble or something and expects people not to notice things he willfully and deliberately turns a blind eye to. To be fair, almost every anchor at CNN does this, but Stelter engages in this dishonest tactic more than most.

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