The Coddling of Female Democratic Politicians Has Got to Stop

AP Photo/David J. Phillip
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Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., left and Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif. react to the audience Thursday, Sept. 12, 2019, before a Democratic presidential primary debate hosted by ABC at Texas Southern University in Houston. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)


With Joe Biden’s announcement of Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) as his vice-presidential running mate has come a predictable rise in the yada yadaing from the Usual Suspects in the media and on the left about the “sexism” women in politics have to face.

We’ve been told that using terms like “nasty” and “disgusting” are code words Republicans – especially Republican men – save specifically for women. In fact, just today I learned that the word “phony” has been added to the list of supposedly offensive “gendered” terms that should not be used to describe female politicians.

Who knew?

We’ve also been told that questioning any part of Sen. Harris’s record as California’s attorney general and then U.S. Senator is also sexist (and racist) because how dare you want to know more about the woman who could be the next Vice President of the United States?

As a woman who has watched these types of word games play out for years in politics and one who has questioned male and female politicians alike and who has called some of them “nasty”, “disgusting”, and/or “phony” a time or two in the past, I’m here to tell you that this coddling of female politicians – in particular female Democratic politicians – has got to stop.

It’s insulting and genuinely offensive to women who understand what real feminism is and who reject the victimhood type of “feminism” promoted and amplified by opportunistic leftists over the last several decades.

I say “female Democrats” because the media and Democrats in general do not apply the “how dare you question this accomplished woman?!” rule to female Republicans, as we saw with Sarah Palin’s 2008 vice-presidential campaign and many other Republican women like her before and since.

Does sexism still exist in politics? Of course it still does – and unfortunately always will to some extent.

But the MSM and self-proclaimed fearless feminists and Democrat politicos alike will all tell you that it’s so pervasive that the least we can do is protect the supposed delicate Democratic snowflakes from further offense by not asking them uncomfortable questions because the answers might not make them look good and we must not have that it’s sexist to hold them to account for the political positions they take.

Furthermore, they say we must not use negative descriptive terms that are supposedly exclusively reserved for female Democrat politicians, even though in reality, terms like “nasty” and “disgusting” and “phony” have been used for decades to also describe men in politics.

Case in point:

How about instead of hyperventilating over the word “nasty” and declaring every question asked of a female Democrat “sexist”, just let her answer the danged question instead and see where it goes? Who knows, we might actually find out some things we need to know about them that we wouldn’t otherwise.

I know that’s a frightening concept for some, but I’m down with it.


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