Louisville PD Makes Big Decision on Violent BLM Protests That Other Cities Need to Implement Immediately

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Demonstrators march during a protest in memory of Breonna Taylor, Saturday, July 11, 2020, in Los Angeles. Taylor was killed in her apartment by members of the Louisville, Ky. Metro Police Department on March 13. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)


Because their “protests” are more widespread and violent, and also because President Trump has made it a point to highlight them, the ongoing Black Lives Matter/Antifa demonstrations happening in Democrat-run cities like Portland and Seattle are understandably getting a lot of national media attention.

Unfortunately, though, there are violent “protests” and confrontations happening in other major cities as well but which receive less time in the media spotlight, as my colleagues Nick Arama and Brandon Morse reported this morning.

Another city that has seen “protesters” turn aggressive and violent is in Louisville, KY, where Black Lives Matter marchers have been taking to the streets since the March 13th officer-involved shooting death of 26-year-old EMT Breonna Taylor in her home.

Louisville has been the scene of tense confrontations involving agitators harassing drivers. It’s been the scene of a deadly protest shooting involving one demonstrator who fired at a crowd during a protest in June, killing a photographer and injuring another marcher.

Lousiville has also been the scene of attempted shakedowns from BLM of local businesses in the area.

After BLM escalated their tactics last week in harassing and/or assaulting pedestrians and restaurant patrons, and damaging property, the Louisville PD has had enough – and is banning street protests for the foreseeable future:


Cops in the Kentucky city said Sunday they are banning all street marches and protest caravans in the wake of a violent weekend clash with police that lead to 12 arrests.


Twelve people were arrested Saturday night for allegedly flipping tables at a Fourth Street Live event and set trashcans on fire, the Louisville Courier-Journal said. Eight of those were on felony charges.

Police spokesman Lamont Washington told the outlet that the demonstrators also fired paintballs at passing cars before marching on Jefferson Square.

The AP reports that some vehicles were also reportedly surrounded by agitators.

Here’s what the Lousiville Metro PD announced on Twitter Sunday in the aftermath:


Though no doubt “protesters” and their supporters in the ACLU will paint this as a “suppression” of their First Amendment rights, it most certainly is not.

Unlike what the left would like people to think, the First Amendment does not give people the right to harass and assault others, nor does it give people the right to destroy property. First Amendment rights stop when “protesters” turn aggressive and violent. Period.

Hotbeds for protest violence like Portland and Seattle should follow suit immediately. Enough is enough.

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