Bad A** 'Portland Grandmas' Who Defied Antifa Rioters Are Regarded as True Heroes of Portland (Watch)

Portland Police
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Portland rioters attack elderly woman for standing against violence. Image via the Portland PD.


Though downtown Portland continues to be a hellhole of epic proportions thanks to the virtually unbridled lawlessness of “peaceful protesters”, two elderly Portland citizens who stood up against the mindless chaos are being regarded as heroes in the community.


Before we get to that story, let’s first recap the heroism of these two ladies.

My RedState colleagues reported last week on the stories of two different women in their 70s who decided to fight back against the destruction in their city caused by Antifa rioters wreaking havoc under the guise of “justice for black lives.”

There was the brave woman who got doused with paint and surrounded by Antifa goons who got in her face after she stood her ground in front of the East Precinct police station and told rioters it was her neighborhood they were destroying. You hear one cowardly “protester” in the background yelling at the woman to “put your mask on, b*tch!”:

Then there was the other woman with a walker who attempted to put out a fire set in a trash can by rioters in front of the police station. She was blocked by a masked idiot who yelled “all cops are b*stards!” This woman was also pelted with paint:


Local news station KGW reports that the women are being praised for their courage by local residents who are sick of what’s been allowed to happen to their city:

Penny grabbed her fire extinguisher, her homemade Black Lives Matter sign, and with the help of her walker, made her way to the precinct to put out the flames.

“I’m very, very pro-Black Lives Matter,” said Penny. “But I just think vandalism sabotages the message.”

“There was a young woman and a man and they wouldn’t let me by,” said Penny. “While I was arguing with the young woman, the man grabbed [the fire extinguisher] and ran away. I thought, ‘Shoot, I have no fire extinguisher.’”

At the same time, other protesters were splashing paint against the precinct’s boarded-up windows. Some of it splattered into Penny’s hair. That was nothing compared to what 77-year-old Cobey went through. Protesters dumped paint on top of her and tossed yellow caution tape on her head.

Like Penny, Cobey was frustrated and decided to walk over to confront protesters.

“I just got heated under the collar and said ‘Hey, this is not OK. This is my neighborhood, you’re not helping my Black friends,’” said Cobey. “It’s not OK to destroy property. You can say what you have to say but be part of the solution, not part of the problem.”


Watch the full report from KGW below:

In contrast to the so-called “Portland moms” who in reality are just part of the goon squad, these grandmas are absolute bad a**es and are worthy of all the praise and positive recognition they receive.

It’s a shame it’s come to this but at the same time, it’s good to see average citizens standing up for their communities in the absence of strong leadership from local Democratic officials who should have nipped this nonsense in the bud a long time ago.

Look for more of this to happen in the coming days as weeks as long as the thuggery is allowed to continue.

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