Watch as an Antifa Rioter Caught Menacing Reporter, Toppling Statues Proclaims Himself the Real Victim

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Anti-fascist counter-demonstrators cross the Burnside Bridge across the Willamette River from the west side of the city to the east side in search of the far-right group, the Proud Boys, in Portland, Ore., Saturday, Aug. 17, 2019. (AP Photo/Gillian Flaccus)


It takes a lot of chutzpah to get caught on tape participating in the destruction of federal property and intimidating reporters and then hold a press conference proclaiming yourself to be the real victim.

And yet that’s exactly what admitted Antifa “activist” Jason Charter did during a press conference earlier today. I use the term “press conference” loosely here because judging by the looks of things there were like two supposed “reporters” in the audience.

As you can see from the 10-minute video below, which was live-streamed on Periscope, Charter proclaimed he was an innocent victim of an alleged Trump-led witch hunt to crack down on so-called “anti-fascists” who Charter claims are standing up for their fellow black and brown citizens because apparently they require the aid of violent anarchists to get the word out or something.

Before we get to the video, however, let’s take a look at Charter himself:

… and what’s he’s accused of doing:

Jason Charter, the Antifa-linked activist who was booked Thursday as the alleged “ringleader” in the June 22 attempt to destroy the Andrew Jackson statue in Lafayette Square near the White House, was also allegedly involved in the destruction of the Albert Pike Historical Statue in Washington on June 20 — and even lit a cigarette in the flames engulfing that monument.

That’s according to court documents that underscore federal authorities’ ongoing efforts to unmask and punish individuals who deface national monuments.


In Charter’s case, the FBI’s charging documents make clear that open-source surveillance footage and interagency cooperations were again critical to making an arrest.


Read the full Fox News report here for how the feds managed to identify Charter and catch him on camera committing the alleged crimes. Screen captures from the videos are included.

And in the below video clip from Tucker Carlson’s program, you see Charter menacing conservative reporter Jack Posobiec during a June protest:

Here are some images from that same incident:

The feds say Charter is an Antifa “ringleader” – and judging by the photos and video above, it looks like they’re right. But you wouldn’t know it by watching the video below from the presser in which Charter denies he’s a ringleader and tries to paint himself as the real victim by noting his home was “torn apart by federal agents” and that he had done nothing wrong because “racist statues” have no place in a just society.


Here’s an image Charter posted to his Twitter account the day the Albert Pike statue was toppled and burned:


Yep. He’s definitely the true victim in all of this. Not.

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