Video: Kayleigh McEnany Lands One-Two Punch on Protests and Mail-In Voting After MSM Rediscovers Coronavirus

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White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany speaks during a briefing at the White House, Thursday, May 28, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

As Bonchie wrote earlier, the mainstream media have suddenly rediscovered the Wuhan virus is still a thing, letting us all know it by mask-shaming and social-distance shaming Vice President Pence over a picture that shows him standing with Trump/Pence 2020 campaign staffers:


That the MSM are now trying to pretend they are concerned about the spread of the Wuhan virus after spending two weeks fawning over and amplifying the jam-packed George Floyd protests that have taken place all over the country is not a surprise to anyone familiar with the media’s penchant for holding Republicans to one standard and Democrats to no standard.

Nevertheless it’s still tiresome to see, and the look on Kayleigh McEnany’s face Wednesday when she answered a question from a reporter regarding safety concerns over in-person voting pretty much said it all:

Reporter: The President seems pretty unconcerned so far about November and the COVID situation, and whether people are going to be afraid to go to the polls or whether it’s going to be a lot of delays because of the COVID. He recently said it’s a “long way off,” I think meaning, the — the pandemic will have died down by then, essentially.

But given that it hasn’t actually gone away and people are still dying every day and there are some spikes — and it’s not that far away: five months — are any measures being taken at all to guarantee that this election is going to go smoothly and everybody who wants to vote can vote?

McEnany: Yeah, well, I — you know, I’ve not seen much criticism of the protest and socially distance and mitigation efforts.

Reporter: I was talking about — asking about the elections, not the protests.

McEnany: I think there’s a way to safely vote if you can safely protest. And that’s what the President would like to see. There’s a way to safely vote. There’s a way to safely go to church.

And you’re asking a hypothetical about something five months from now, at a time, ironically, when the media hasn’t expressed much outrage about a lack of mitigation efforts taken by some of the protesters.



She’s right on this.

The media (and Democrats, but I repeat myself) have no one to blame but themselves for nuking their own talking points from just a few weeks ago regarding how urgent it was to make mail-in voting easier due to concerns over the spread of the Wuhan virus. You can’t on one hand say you’re concerned about the potential of a virus to spread when it comes time to vote, conveniently forget about those concerns in order to support certain protests, and then turn around a few days later and spout those same concerns as though the protests – and the media’s approving reactions to them – never happened.

This is a perfect example of MSM’s double standards coming back to bite them. Had they been consistent on this issue from the start, they might be taken seriously when they raise questions about voter/election safety during a pandemic. But they weren’t, and McEnany let them know it with the answer she gave them.

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