'Peak Narcissism': Brian Stelter Absurdly Compares George Floyd's Death to CNN Arrests, Gets Dragged

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“Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter – screengrab via CNN.


Minneapolis is being burned to the ground by looters, arsonists, and anarchists who are despicably using the senseless death of George Floyd to steal and destroy what they want and to hell with how it hurts the very community they claim they’re trying to help.


It’s an all-around tragedy of epic proportions, compounded by weak leadership demonstrated by the local police force, the Democratic mayor of Minneapolis, and the Democratic governor of Minnesota.

With all that in mind, you’d hope that media firefighter Brian Stelter maybe, just maybe might find it within himself to suppress the urge to do really stupid things like compare Floyd’s death to last night’s arrest of the CNN news crew by the Minnesota state patrol.

Unfortunately, making such an absurd comparison is exactly what Stelter did in a tweet posted this afternoon in which he quoted a Washington Post article about how “America saw the world through George Floyd’s eyes” when the CNN camera hit the ground:

It was a ridiculous hot take, considering we’ve already got video – horrific video – of what Floyd’s arrest looked like, with him on the pavement with a knee pressed firmly on his neck. Another video from the scene showed at one point that more than one officer was pinning Floyd down.

The scene looked nothing, nothing at all like the scene that unfolded during the arrests of the CNN reporter and his crew, which though wrong took place without incident.


The comparison, which Stelter clearly agreed with was, in a nutshell, contemptible:

He hasn’t … yet.

What was only mildly satisfying about Stelter quoting from the WaPo was how not all of the article was dripping with praise for the media and contempt for Trump:


That quote pretty much describes Stelter perfectly, especially in the days of his obsession with Democrat fraudster Michael Avenatti.

Quite frankly, I’m not sure which is worse: Stelter’s comparison or Chris Hayes’s comparison of this week’s riots to the American Revolution.

We report, you decide. 😉


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