Joe Biden Has Effectively Destroyed the #MeToo Movement Without Saying a Word

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden, speaks during a candidates forum at the 110th NAACP National Convention, Wednesday, July 24, 2019, in Detroit. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

Even knowing how deeply hypocritical Democrats have been on the “Believe All Women/MeToo” rallying cry over the last couple of years, it has nevertheless astonished me to see just what depths they’ll sink to in order to protect Joe Biden.

The women who are rumored to be in the running for the vice presidential nomination have all done 180s on the matter when asked about the sexual assault allegations made against him by former Senate staffer Tara Reade, who claims Biden raped her in 1993. Their “Believe All Women” flip flops are not because they suddenly believe in due process for people who are accused; they’ve done it for no other reason than pure, raw, unabashed political ambition.

And the most prominent Democratic woman to endorse Biden to date has been Hillary Clinton, who has shown once again that – in addition to her husband – there are other politically convenient exceptions to her “Believe All Women” motto.

Through it all – the entire last 36 days since the allegations were made, in fact – Biden has also been protected by the mainstream media who, like Democrats, could not jump on board the “Brett Kavanuagh is guilty” bandwagon fast enough in 2018.

You could make an extensive encyclopedia set on what they wrote about Kavanaugh and his accuser Christine Blasey Ford at the time. If you added their tweets to the encyclopedia, you could expand that to a library full of material dedicated to torpedoing his Supreme Court nomination based on unsubstantiated allegations.

But on the allegations against Biden? The mainstream media’s coverage has been reluctant and obligatory, with insinuations in every piece that Reade is not credible and not to be believed.

Biden himself, as I’ve noted previously, has not been asked a single time as of this writing about the allegations. The only denials have been through his campaign staff.

That’s 36 days without even one question being asked on this issue to the 2020 presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, who also happens to be the accused!

As I write this, Axios is reporting that Biden will finally directly address Reade’s claims on MSNBC, the Democrats’ preferred network:

That’s nice, but it’s too late. It’s taken him too long to do this, and it’s taken the media too long to do their due diligence in their reporting.

I don’t expect any blockbuster information to come from the Friday interview he does on MSNBC. They’ll feed him softball questions, perhaps even in advance. Joe and Mika have done so before – including to Donald Trump in 2016.

This time around it will be Biden, who they have been promoting as the Next Great President for months now. Mika and Joe even mocked the numerous Democrat accusers who stepped forward a year ago to accuse Biden of inappropriate touching and sniffing. So don’t look for either Mika or Joe to do much more beyond plumping Biden’s pillow.

Don’t be surprised, either, if his wife Jill Biden is next to him during the interview. She was with him when he addressed last year’s accusations, which had the designed effect of softening the interviews.

Joe Biden will spend his time on MSNBC using the information his operatives obtained from his archived Senate records that they would not make available to Tara Reade, and then he’ll attempt to move on and say the issue has been addressed.

This tweet perhaps sums up best of all the charade that was “MeToo”:

Indeed. Joe Biden has effectively destroyed the #MeToo movement without saying a word. I mean literally – he has not said a word to date about this.

Because of that, and because of the media/Democrat protection racket that has insulated him against these allegations, #MeToo is for all intents and purposes over.


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