Never Trumper Jen Rubin Says Jon Turley Has 'Become Crackpottish', but Let's Look at *Her* Crackpottery


Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin – screen grab via MSNBC.

I’m starting to believe that Jennifer Rubin is quite possibly the absolute least self-aware person on the face of the earth. Seriously.


There is, almost quite literally, not a day that goes by that the so-called “conservative columnist” does not demonstrate this in some form or fashion, either on her Twitter feed or by way of the columns she writes for the Washington Post.

The latest instance happened Saturday in a laughable response she posted to George Washington University law school professor Jonathan Turley after he linked to a piece written by a contributor to his website about how it was his personal legal opinion that “Washington Governor Inslee’s declaration cancelling the entirety of the remaining school year under the rubric of the COVID-19 situation violates the Washington State Constitution”:

Instead of giving her readers and followers a well thought-out, detailed critique of the contributor’s opinion, which she clearly disagreed with, Rubin instead tossed out a snide remark about how she felt Turley had become “sadly crackpottish”:


When one of her followers replied that Turley, an equal opportunity critic of Republicans and Democrats alike, was “a great example of why retirement isn’t just for physical laborers”, Rubin’s reply was simply “LOL”:

Such stunning brilliance on display from one of our intellectual betters. Let’s stand back and appreciate it.

Normally I wouldn’t pay much attention to any lawyer trying to one-up another. But I’m making an exception here, because it is galling to see Turley, a respected and distinguished legal analyst, constantly badgered and treated with contempt simply because he’s been critical of Democratic efforts to impeach Trump, of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s petulant behavior, and because he often pushes back on the political correctness often seen at higher ed institutions across America, including his own.

Turley’s “sin” to Democrats and Never Trumpers alike is to to be someone who thinks for himself instead of simply latching on to the left-wing elitist mob’s groupthink narratives and sticking with them even when they’ve been proven to be demonstrably false.


But since “recovering lawyer” Rubin has, without evidence, accused Turley of crackpottery, let us look at the mountain of evidence of her own. Most dictionaries define “crackpot” as someone given to extreme foolishness and/or fanaticism, and Rubin definitely fits the bill:

– Just last week, Rubin ghoulishly advised 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden “to accuse Trump of [a] willingness to kill people” over the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak. Yes, she actually tweeted that.

– Before that, Rubin oddly declared that the GOP was a “death cult” for allegedly “resisting science” on the Wuhan coronavirus. This in spite of the fact that the party she now embraces has made abortion the centerpiece of their platform, and in spite of the fact that as it stands now, the hot spots are mostly concentrated in blue states around the country, not red states. That’s not to say that politics is a reason why blue states have been harder hit. It’s just noting which areas have more cases for the record.

– Back in February after Rush Limbaugh announced he has stage 4 lung cancer, Rubin despicably tweeted – and wrote a column about – how it was “a national disgrace that a birther, a racist, a misogynist is getting [the Presidential Medal of Freedom] award. Why not give it to David Duke?”


Shortly after, Twitter users uncovered numerous examples of Rubin previously defending Rush from racism accusations when she was trying to polish her conservative creds during the Obama administration.

– During the Senate’s impeachment trial, Rubin frequently gushed and cooed over House Intel Chair Adam Schiff’s performance, at one point fangirling about how “Schiff is magnificent” and how she was thankful to God that she “was alive to hear Adam Schiff speak these past few days.”

I could go on and on, but I think the point has been made. Want to see a crackpot, Jennifer Rubin? Take a look in the mirror.


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