Watch: CBS News Caught Using Footage From Crowded Italian Hospital *Again* in Story on U.S. Hospital Conditions

AP Photo/Luca Bruno

A medical staffer watches from a tent at one of the emergency structures that were set up to ease procedures at the Brescia hospital, northern Italy, Thursday, March 12, 2020. (AP Photo/Luca Bruno)


There they go again.

My RedState colleague Elizabeth Vaughn reported last week on the story about how CBS News inserted footage taken from a crowded hospital in hard-hit Italy into an emotional story about how New York’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo was pleading for additional ventilators for the hospitals in his state.

To quickly recap: Sky News, which is based in the UK, aired a report on Italy’s overwhelmed hospitals in mid-March, and included in that news story was the footage that ended up in the CBS News clip just days later. MRC-TV put together a video that showed both the Sky News segment and then the CBS News segment that included identical footage:

CBS blamed the use of the Italy video on an “editing mistake” and apologized, stating that they had taken “immediate steps to remove it from all platforms and shows.”

But apparently they thought they could get by with using it again, because that’s exactly what they did on April 4th during a report on Pennsylvania’s Wuhan coronavirus issues and alleged ventilator shortages in hospitals.


“In Pennsylvania, cases are skyrocketing at the rate of a thousand a day,” you hear the the CBS News reporter say as the Sky News video from the Italian hospital plays (about 15 seconds into this clip):

Take a look at how in both CBS News clips that the Sky News logo is edited out of the reports. This was not an “editing mistake”!

This was intentional, in my opinion, and heads should roll. But they won’t, because it’s CBS News, where “Fake But Accurate” is their unofficial motto.

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