Juanita Broaddrick Pinpoints Exactly Why the Media/Dems Are Politicizing the Wuhan Virus

A worker wearing a face mask sprays disinfectant along a path in Wuhan in central China’s Hubei Province, Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2020. (AP Photo/Arek Rataj)

As my RedState colleague Bonchie wrote Monday, the mainstream media and Democrats have abruptly switched from correctly referring to the Wuhan virus as the Wuhan virus to simply calling it the coronavirus, and are labeling anyone who references the fact that it originated in Wuhan, China as “racists.”


In addition to that, Democrats have chosen to relentlessly lie about the Trump administration’s response to the emerging threat as insufficient, poorly planned, and poorly funded. This instead of pulling together as a team and pledging to join bipartisan efforts to help research and combat the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak.

There’s only one conclusion that can be drawn from this, as Juanita Broaddrick explained in a tweet this morning:

For over three years, the Democrats and their mainstream media allies worked together to promote the Russia/Trump 2016 collusion hoax, and then later ratcheted up the “impeach!’ rhetoric in response to the whistleblower complaint about the July call between Trump and Ukrainian president Zelensky. On the latter, Democrats impeached Trump based on false allegations of “quid pro quo” but failed to convict him in the Senate.

After all was said and done in the Senate’s impeachment trial, Trump came out stronger in the polls than he was before it all started, which enraged the Adam Schiffs and Brian Stelters of America. So over a period of a few weeks, they’ve switched gears, using the Wuhan virus as a way to bash Trump in the eyes of American voters and to make people feel as though the administration either isn’t doing enough or doesn’t know what they’re doing at all.


By choosing to shamelessly politicize the Wuhan virus and the administration’s response, both the media and Democrats are only stirring up more division, confusion, and panic. They may think this will ultimately serve them well with voters come November, but after three years plus of yelling and screaming about ousting Trump because Orange Man Bad – and with nothing to show for it to date, they may find that their efforts ultimately will backfire.


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