Video: Joy Reid Brings on Hilarious Body Language 'Expert' to Prove Bernie's the Liar in Warren-Sanders Feud

Screen grab via MSNBC.

Joy Reid guest Janine Driver Screen grab via MSNBC.

We’ve written quite a bit about the “sexism” feud between Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT) where Warren has alleged Sanders told her at a December 2018 non-aggression pact meeting that he didn’t believe a woman could win the presidency.


Though we’re content with seeing both of these candidates destroy each other (and themselves!), it’s still fun to point out just what desperate (and sometimes unintentionally humorous) tactics each “side” will use in order to try and discredit the other.

Sanders has, of course, denied Warren’s claims. And at the Democratic debate last week, tensions were high as Warren wagged her finger at him post-debate, accusing him of calling her a “liar” on national TV. But none of that has stopped the guessing as to who is telling the truth in this politically epic he said/she said battle.

It is with that in mind that we turn to MSNBC’s Joy Reid, clearly a Warren supporter, who spent several minutes on Saturday discussing the interactions between Sanders and Warren during and after the debate with “body language expert” Janine Driver. During the segment, Driver analyzed the body language and words of both Senators in order to get to the bottom of who was telling the truth and who was lying. Her conclusion? That it was Sanders who was being dishonest – due to his posture, his eye level, and the number of words he used.



Here’s a partial transcript of how the interview went down, via Mark Finkelstein at Newsbusters:

REID: Janine, the thing about the — this dust-up between the two of them, is that scandals hurt you more when they seem plausible, right? I mean, Bernie Sanders does have a sort of physicality, you know, when he talks. A shaking your finger at Hillary Clinton, shaking your finger, shove-y weird-y. His physicality makes me think, yeah, he could of said, listen, I think in this environment a woman can’t win. It doesn’t seem like a crazy thing from the [unintelligble.]

DRIVER: Well first of all, I think Bernie’s lying. We see him: he slouches forward anyway, Joy. But here he turtles. So if you look at his eye level, where he normally answers questions, when he makes the denial, his whole shoulders come up like a little kid getting caught. His eye level is below his shoulders. This is trying to hide in plain sight. And many of us, we don’t know what to look for. So if you look for this right out of the gate. And the strongest denial is simply saying no. And I think women in particular, we want to believe human beings. So we’re like yeah, I would say that. He literally said, well, as a matter of fact I didn’t say it. That’s nine words–unnecessary. No.


He TURTLES, y’all!

Watch the segment below:

As you might imagine, Joy Reid’s name trended on Twitter Saturday as Twitter users – many of them Bernie supporters – absolutely roasted Reid over the interview:


Game, set, match.


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