Eyes Roll as ABC News Political Analyst Matthew Dowd Completely Redefines 'Sexism', Confusing Everyone

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ABC News’s Matthew Dowd is arguably one of the most politically confused political analysts on any of the cable news networks.

His Wikipedia alone tells the tale:


Dowd volunteered for the campaign of Rep William Broomfield R-MI and, while attending college in St. Louis, Missouri, for the campaign of Governor Joseph P. Teasdale D-Mo. He also worked on the staff of Rep. Dick Gephardt, D-Mo. He began his political career as a Democrat, as a member of Senator Lloyd Bentsen’s, D-Tex., Senate and campaign staffs. He also worked for, among others, Texas Lt. Governor Bob Bullock. In 1999, he switched parties to become a Republican.

During the 2002 election, Dowd was a senior adviser to the Republican National Committee. During the 2004 Presidential election, Dowd was chief strategist for George W. Bush’s re-election campaign.

Dowd was the strategist for Arnold Schwarzenegger during his 2006 reelection campaign.
Sidney Blumenthal, in an opinion piece in Salon, titled “Matthew Dowd’s not-so-miraculous conversion”, described Dowd as an “opportunist”.

Dowd, who became disgruntled with the Bush administration over time, now characterizes himself as an “independent”, and his dislike of President Trump rivals even diehard Never Trumpers like Jennifer Rubin and David Frum.

So confused is Dowd that Tuesday during a discussion on the “sexism” dustup between Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, Dowd claimed that the very act of a man running against a woman was in and of itself sexism:


When someone responded by saying she didn’t think Sanders was a sexist, Dowd doubled down:

He tripled down in a later tweet replying to someone who said we shouldn’t hold the fact that Bernie’s a man against him:

This Twitter user spoke for many of us with his response:

I mean, nothing says “I’m down with viewing women as my equal” like urging male opponents to step aside so women can get ahead, right?

(Hat tip: Twitchy)

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