Clown Show Update: Jen Rubin's Premature Hot Take on Iran Ages Badly, as Did the Whiplash That Followed

As I wrote earlier today, the hot takes from Democrats over the news that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Gen. Qassem Soleimani was taken out by U.S. forces in Iraq on Thursday have been fast and furious, and definitely of the unhinged variety.


Though Washington Post “conservative” columnist Jennifer Rubin isn’t technically a Democrat, she’s a hardcore Never Trumper, which is the same thing – especially when you consider how important she finds it to make sure Democrats are elected to serve at all levels of government because Orange Man Bad and stuff.

Rubin’s post-Soleimani demise tweet read exactly as you might think it would have, but before we get to that let’s check out her pre-attack hot take, which will set the stage for why her take in the aftermath of the news was rather amusing.

Here’s how it started – with a tweet from the State Dept warning that the U.S. will continue to hold Iran accountable for their acts of terror:

Rubin responded in typical fashion:

Yet hours later, after scolding the U.S. for not “DOING” anything, here’s how she responded to the news of the successful strike on Soleimani:

Trump and Republicans are danged if they do, and danged if they don’t. That’s pretty much Rubin’s entire schtick.


Twitter users pointed out the whiplash effect of her dueling hot takes:

Once she was done castigating the Trump administration for, ya know, having the audacity to DO something, she was back at doing one of the things she does best: promoting Democrats and their agenda. Case in point, this retweet of NARAL’s president attacking Republican Senators for asking SCOTUS to revisit Roe vs. Wade:

Source: Twitter.

But remember now, y’all: Rubin’s a conservative and don’t you dare ever question it.

Except all the time. Every day.

(Hat tip: Twitchy)


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