Hilarious: Bill de Blasio Gets Roasted After Slamming Domino's for Selling $30 Pizzas on New Year's Eve

Bill de Blasio

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio participates in the second of two Democratic presidential primary debates hosted by CNN Wednesday, July 31, 2019, in the Fox Theatre in Detroit. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)


What is it about New York and California and Democrats in those places making it too easy to for people to call them out on their staggering (and in many cases willful) ignorance/cluelessness?

The latest example comes from New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who took to the Twitter machine on New Year’s Day after reading a New York Post piece on the price one local Domino’s Pizza was charging for pizzas delivered to folks in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. Here’s what they wrote:

An enterprising Midtown Domino’s pizza restaurant is cashing in on the Times Square ball drop — hawking pies to ravenous New Year’s Eve revelers and flipping them for a serious profit.

“I have a lot of orders. I’m very busy,” delivery guy Ratan Banik told The Post while juggling a large stack of pizzas on Tuesday afternoon, speculating he’d sold about 25 pies.

Banik was running the pizzas for the Domino’s franchise on 40th St. and 7th Ave., which has been doing this on New Year’s Eve for 15 years.

The man was hawking pepperoni, ham and cheese pizzas for $30 — more than double what a regular $14.49 large cheese pie costs at Domino’s — and was still run off his feet.

The article went on to note that literally no one they talked to who had purchased one of the $30 pizzas complained about the price.


“He is our Santa,” said one customer, according to the Post. “It was totally worth it,” said another who also noted Banik “probably sold about seven pizzas in less than two minutes.”

Failed presidential candidate de Blasio, however, thought he’d start the New Year off by pretending to speak for the common man in a tweet where he slammed the local Domino’s for the price of the pizza. He also recommended people stop buying from “corporate chain” restaurants and instead buy local:

Talk about stupid. Twitter users let him have it:



I knew something was way off when I read de Blasio’s tweet. I went to NYC over a decade ago and I can remember paying about seven or eight bucks for one slice. And a medium pizza from a local pizzeria was around $20 with tip.


Pretty sad that people who aren’t even from New York City know more about pizza prices there than the city’s own mayor. SMH.

Even Domino’s was not having any of de Blasio’s nonsense:

“Every store in [New York City] is owned by a local resident,” a Domino’s spokesperson told FOX Business on Thursday. “Every employee is a local New York resident. Those stores provide jobs to thousands of his fellow citizens. With his comments, the mayor is suggesting that New Yorkers who own or work at a franchise are ‘lesser than’ those who don’t.”

There was also this, which was perhaps the most important point made of all of them:

‘Nuff said.


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