Howls of Laughter Erupt After Jen Rubin Declares She Will 'Never Vote' for an Anti-Impeachment Republican

Jennifer Rubin Screen grab of Jennifer Rubin via MSNBC.

Now that the public impeachment inquiry hearings conducted by the Schiff-led House Intelligence Committee are over, journalists, Democrats, and Never Trumpers seem giddy talking about what might be in store during the next phase when the House Judiciary Committee takes over.


There appears to be a cautious optimism among these groups that the “star witness” testimonies we heard over the last two weeks were full of “bombshells” that will sink the Trump ship and lead to his eventual impeachment.

Though that’s far from the truth, one such person who believes it is is Washington Post “conservative” columnist and MSNBC contributor Jennifer Rubin, who has found fortune and fame, and plenty of praise from Beltway elites in moving beyond merely being “Never Trump” to going the “Always Democrat” route.

While in the middle of gushing over witnesses like Fiona Hill and high-fiving other Never Trumpers and Democrats, Rubin made one thing crystal clear this week about Republicans who won’t vote for impeachment:

Her mentions lit up with people laughing out loud, as if she really thought her tweet was supposed to be a surprise, and/or sound like a serious threat that Republicans should actually care about:


Right? LOL.

Sadly, Rubin has been off the unhinged deep end for a long time now. Watch this video clip from earlier this year where she actually said with a straight face that voters looking for more centrist candidates for office should look to Democrats:


Just … incredible.

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