Andy Ngo Shares Disturbing Halloween Video of What Looks Like Masked Antifa Members Knocking on His Door

Independent journalist Andy Ngo shared a frightening video on his Twitter page Friday from Halloween night that shows what appear to be Antifa members or people sympathetic to the Antifa “cause” creating a disturbance at his home.


Ngo, who has been brutally attacked while documenting the thuggish, violent tactics of Antifa in liberal cities like Portland, Oregon in the past, noted in the post that the group “repeatedly rang doorbell, pounded on window, recorded footage of property & gestured at cameras” while wearing masks imprinted with his image. Ngo alleged members of Antifa have also doxxed his mother’s small business.

Watch video of the incident below. Note that one of the people in the background during the door bell ringing was holding up a cell phone as though he was filming what was taking place:

Ngo also shared close-up images that showed the adults involved in the incident were indeed wearing masks with his face on them. Not a Halloween bag for candy was in sight:

In an interview with Fox News today, Ngo stated he was home at the time the group showed up and began ringing the doorbell. He said it reminded him of something out of the movie “The Purge”:


“It was a surreal moment. It looked like something out of the Purge,” he said. “I was actually home when this happened and quite terrified. I was home alone. This is my family’s home… One of the things Antifa does is… [release] people’s addresses online and give a wink to their comrades to come and do something.

“So they came with these printed masks of my face… pounding on the door, was trying to open the door,” Ngo added. “Fortunately I had security footage. By the time the police arrived… they were all gone. But I released it just so that the public can be aware of the intimidation tactics of this violent extremist movement.”

Unfortunately, these Antifa bullies are just getting warmed up with their vicious campaign of harassment and intimidation against Ngo:

Ngo was safe during the dinner, but reports Antifa thugs are now trying to dox a photojournalist who covered the event:



Hopefully both of them hire some security for protection at future events, because Portland’s Democratic mayor doesn’t really seem to care.

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