Biden Switches to New Silencing Tactic After Efforts at Strong-Arming Fox News, Facebook on Ukraine Issue Fail

Joe Biden

Former Vice President Joe Biden responds to a question Thursday, Sept. 12, 2019, during a Democratic presidential primary debate hosted by ABC at Texas Southern University in Houston. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)


The Biden campaign’s efforts at silencing news media outlets and social media platforms on the Ukraine issue have largely failed.

Fox News issued a statement late last week rejecting their demand to not air the Trump campaign’s Ukraine ads or any other similar type ad.

Facebook said no to a similar request.

Even the reliably left-wing New York Times has gone against the Biden campaign’s wishes on raising questions about Hunter Biden’s cushy board of directors gig with Burisma Holdings.

So what’s a Democrat who has completely lost control of the narrative on the biggest scandal he’s faced since he officially declared his candidacy to do?

Set his sights on his fellow presidential campaign competitors in hopes that he can shame them into keeping quiet, as Bloomberg reports:

Joe Biden has a warning for his Democratic rivals as they prepare for the fourth televised debate next week: Stay away from the issue of Ukraine and Hunter Biden.

The 12 candidates participating in Tuesday’s debate in Westerville, Ohio, are honing their answers to questions about the U.S. House impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, which centers on the president’s request to the leader of Ukraine to investigate unfounded allegations about Biden and his son’s work there.

But the front-runner’s campaign suggests they shouldn’t stray into shots about the Biden family.

An aide to Biden said that any candidate who “calls themselves a ‘Democrat’” and repeats what the aide said were “discredited lies” about Biden and his son “would be making a profound statement about themselves.”


“…making a profound statement about themselves” that says what? That they want to win the nomination? That this is a competition, not tea and crumpets?

Even if Trump had never raised concerns about it, it’s a legitimate issue that at least one of Biden’s primary opponents should have brought up themselves. Asking questions about parental/political patronage and possible wrongdoing by a candidate for the highest office in the land is entirely appropriate.

One presidential candidate in particular who has made it clear since she declared her candidacy that she is unafraid to take on the Democratic establishment is Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, who torched Sen. Kamala Harris at the second debate. Harris’ candidacy has been in a freefall ever since.

Was the Biden campaign looking at Gabbard when they made their statement declaring Hunter Biden off limits at the next debate?

Gabbard taking off after Biden next Tuesday so needs to happen. This. needs. to. happen. Assuming she doesn’t boycott it, of course.


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