Georgia Mom Hilariously Responds to Children's Demands for Allowances and Cell Phones With a Home "Job Fair"

Image via a public post from Shaketha Marion McGregor's Facebook page.
Mom holds job fair - at home
Image via a public post from Shaketha Marion McGregor’s Facebook page.

After her children continually pressed her for allowances and new cell phones, one Georgia mother had a hilariously spot-on idea on how to handle their increasing demands:

Hold a “job fair” … in her own house.

Fox 8 reports:

“Yesterday I told them that I’ve heard their requests and that I’ll have a surprise for them today when they get home from school,” Shaketha Marion McGregor wrote in a Facebook post.

Well, surprise!

Her kids came home to a job fair, complete with job listings, applications and an ad for “Mom’s Credit Union.”


“If you want it, work for it, earn it!” McGregor wrote.

The list of “open jobs” includes a kitchen manager, lead housekeeper and laundry supervisor.

She also created a job application for her children to fill out. Read her post below and click on the link to view the photos she took of the announcement, the application, the job openings list, and a note about how they can earn a “line of credit”:

The outpouring of support for the idea of her home job fair has led McGregor to create a “This Mom Means Business!” Facebook page, where she offers tips to other mothers as well as teachers on issues related to raising children.

McGregor also said that comedian/talk show host Steve Harvey called her job fair idea “”spectacular” on his radio program.

We so often read stories about children and teenagers who expect something for nothing – and often get whatever they want in return from the adult figures in their lives.

McGregor obviously is a parent who has a very different philosophy. It’s an “old school”-styled philosophy that leads children to grow up to be more well-rounded adults who understand and appreciate the value of a hard day’s work, and the paycheck they earned that comes along with it.

Nice work!

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