Video: Some Residents Mocked, Harassed Philly Police in the Middle of Standoff Where 6 Officers Were Shot

Philly standoff - 8/14/19

Police officers take cover during a standoff in Philadelphia, PA – 8/14/19. Screen grab via ABC News.

As Red State‘s Thomas La Duke wrote Wednesday, there was a standoff yesterday in Philadelphia after a suspect police officers were serving a search warrant to related to narcotics opened fire.


Here’s a recap of what happened, via the Philly Inquirer:

A gunman who police say shot six city officers was in custody Thursday after surrendering to end a dramatic, 7 ½-hour standoff during which two officers were trapped in the rowhouse where the suspect was firing away.

Shots were first fired about 4:30 p.m. when narcotics officers tried to serve an search warrant at the house in the 3700 block of North 15th Street in the Tioga section of North Philadelphia.

Two Narcotics Strike Force bicycle officers were pinned on the second floor with three other people who were handcuffed, police said. The officers were not injured but they and the three people in custody were at risk of getting shot because the suspect on the first floor was firing into the ceiling. A SWAT team reached the five and removed from the building about 2 ½ hours before the suspect surrendered.

None of the six officers who were shot suffered life-threatening injuries and all were treated at hospitals and released, police said. At least three other officers sustained non-shooting injuries during the standoff. The gunman, identified as Maurice Hill, 36, was briefly hospitalized, then jailed, after the standoff.

The below video shows officers attempting to serve the search warrant, which is where you first hear shots fired and the standoff begins. A police officer is seen crawling out the front door towards the end of the video. He appears to be injured:


In the video below, officers can be seen crouching down beside their vehicles as shots were being fired from the residence:

Over 100 shots were reportedly fired during the 7 ½-hour ordeal.

But in the middle of all the chaos where officers and residents alike feared for their lives, some residents took it upon themselves to mock and harass some of the police officers and journalists who were covering the standoff:

CBS Philly‘s Alexandria Hoff reported on this during a 10 pm news segment, and reiterated it on her Twitter feed later:

While many on social media expressed outrage, others, such as NYC public defender Rebecca J. Kavanagh, characterized Hoff’s reporting as “racist” (because of course):


No comment from any of Hoff’s critics whatsoever on the abject stupidity and danger of a gunman deciding to open fire on police officers in a crowded neighborhood with a daycare nearby, which speaks volumes.

The videos are a stark reminder of the dangers law enforcement officers face every day when they put on their uniforms and report for duty. Thank God the officers who were injured are expected to be okay.

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