Video: Lindsey Graham Explains How the Pelosi vs. AOC Feud Helps Put the House in Play for Republicans in 2020

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) speaks on the Sean Hannity show - 7/11/19. Screen grab via Fox News.
Sen. Lindsey Graham`
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) speaks on the Sean Hannity show – 7/11/19. Screen grab via Fox News.

With the post-Independence Day fireworks going on between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA), her Congressional Black Caucus allies, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY), some may be wondering just how much or even if the public Democratic infighting could give Republicans a better chance of winning the House back in 2020.


During a segment of Sean Hannity’s show Thursday on Fox News, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) argued that it greatly increases the odds of a Republican takeover of the House in 2020 – and that the friendly-fire feuding was not the only reason for that increase in odds:

GRAHAM: So, what does this really mean? I think Republicans are more likely to take the House back because of this breakdown, because there are 31 Democrats that hold congressional seats where President Trump won their congressional district.

What does it mean to these 31? If you cross a AOC and the Fab 4, you’re going to get a primary, and if you vote with them you’re going to lose in the general election. So the biggest beneficiary of this will be the Republican Party and President Trump, because the policies these four people are pushing or so out of the mainstream.

But if you’re one of these 31 Democrats, Sean, you got to pick between the energy of the Fab 4 and the practicality of Nancy Pelosi, you’re in a no- win situation.

When asked by Hannity if President Trump should be a “happy guy tonight” in the midst of the Democratic squabbling and the party’s march even further leftward, Graham offered up this advice for the President:


GRAHAM: Literally. Mr. President if you’re watching tonight, just enjoy this. Be quiet. Because here’s what there saying, they’re going to decriminalize crossing the border illegally. And once you get here they’ll give you free health care.

How many people in the world, do you think, will take us up on the offer, come to America there’s no more criminal liability and when you get here we will give you free health care. This is insane. You know it’s insane.

Watch video of the segment between Hannity and Graham below:

How many of those 31 seats do Republicans need to win to take back the House? Roll Call explains:

On paper, the path back to 218 may look simple for Team GOP because it winds through favorable territory. There are 31 Democrats who currently represent districts that President Donald Trump carried in 2016, and Republicans need to gain 18 or 19 seats to regain House control (depending on the outcome in North Carolina’s 9th District).

But the initial battleground of competitive races is mixed.

The current party breakdown in the House looks like this: 197 Republicans, 235 Democrats, 1 Independent and 2 vacancies (North Carolina’s 3rd and 9th Districts, which will be decided on Sept. 10th).


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