Despicable: Transgender Human Rights Campaign Spox Says Andy Ngo "Intentionally Provoked" His Attack

Antifa assaults independent journalist Andy Ngo in Portland, OR. - 6/29/19. Screenshot from The Oregonian.

Independent journalist Andy Ngo is assaulted at a Portland, OR Antifa demonstration – 6/29/19. Screen grab via The Oregonian.

As Red Stateโ€˜s Bonchie wrote over the weekend, Quillette editor and independent journalist Andy Ngo was viciously attacked by a mob of Antifa thugs during a Saturday demonstration in Portland, Oregon.


Ngo was so badly beaten that he had to go to the hospital, but according to his attorneys he is on the mend and has been cleared to leave the hospital.

Left-wing journalists and other militant liberals have weighed in with their hot takes, predictably blaming Ngo for the brutal attacks.

But one particularly vile response stood out to me from the rest, and it came from Charlotte Clymer, a transgender “woman” and activist who is also the spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaign.

Clymer, who recently laid the ground rules for what “she” says should be considered allowable speech, slithered on to Twitter to tell her followers that Ngo was asking for it:

I tweeted back to Clymer twice, calling out the hypocritical nature of a person who frequently talks about how we must respect differences of opinion blaming Ngo, who is gay, for his assault:


“Imagine working for an organization that supposedly works to protect human rights and then tweeting something like that,” wondered Sam at Twitchy, who documented some of the other responses to Clymer’s vicious attack.

Not only that, but imagine that this same organization decides that person should still continue to be their spokesperson even after saying that a human being asked to be attacked merely for exercising his First Amendment rights. HRC has not only not responded to reports about the bloody assault on Ngo, but also hasn’t uttered a word about Clymer’s vile take on the issue.


Their Twitter bio reads “HRC is the nationโ€™s largest LGBTQ civil rights organization. We envision a world where LGBTQ people are ensured equality at home, at work & in every community.”

What an absolute joke. Frauds.

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