After Paul Krugman Compares Republicans to Neo-Nazis, He Beclowns Himself Complaining About Socialist Labels

As I’ve written before, I’m not really sure what’s worse: New York Times columnist Paul Krugman attempting to differentiate between “brands of anti-Semitism”, his poor track record when it comes to predicting the economy, or him ignorantly griping about the worthiness of Medal of Freedom recipients.


This week I think he’s managed to outdo himself on all of those fronts.

On Wednesday, the paper’s graphic editor Sahil Chinoy penned a column in which he asserted that the Republican party is much more further right than the Democratic party is left:

The Republican Party leans much farther right than most traditional conservative parties in Western Europe and Canada, according to an analysis of their election manifestos. It is more extreme than Britain’s Independence Party and France’s National Rally (formerly the National Front), which some consider far-right populist parties. The Democratic Party, in contrast, is positioned closer to mainstream liberal parties.

These findings are based on data from the Manifesto Project, which reviews and categorizes each line in party manifestos, the documents that lay out a group’s goals and policy ideas. We used the topics that the platforms emphasize, like market regulation and multiculturalism, to put them on a common scale.

A lot of highly questionable claims and comparisons were made in the piece, especially when you consider being on “the right” in some countries means vastly different things than what it means here. But Krugman nevertheless eagerly jumped on board to praise the article and the accompanying graphic (h/t: Twitchy):


A few hours later, the Nobel Memorial Prize-winning economist expanded on his thoughts. He insinuated the mainstream media – who are unquestionably left-wing and in some cases borderline socialist – has somehow been unfair to Democrats by allowing Republicans to call them socialists without being questioned on it.

The “fascist” label for Republicans, per Krugman, is much closer to the truth:

So he can falsely compare Republicans to neo-Nazis without batting an eye – and without question, but Republicans who correctly point out how the left’s leaders are openly embracing socialism should be called out by the mainstream media?

Democrats have a popular presidential candidate who is unashamed to call himself a socialist. In fact, the last time Sen. Bernie Sanders ran for president, he and his socialist platform gave the eventual Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton a run for her money.

And if that’s not proof enough of the left’s lurch towards socialism, how about we let admitted socialist Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) back me up on this? The freshman Congresswoman embraces the label, but hates how – in her mind – Republicans have unfairly used the word to scare people:


I rest my case.

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