Dan Crenshaw Confronts Hillary Clinton After She Claims Republicans Are to Blame for the Border Crisis

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX-2) has been relentless in his fight to set the record straight on the humanitarian crisis at the southern border.

He’s called out Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY-14) over her absurd comparison of the border detention centers to Nazi concentration camps.


He has slammed the media’s one-sided coverage of the issue, noting that journalists don’t seem to be asking why Democratic critics of the border crisis (like AOC) refuse to vote on the much-needed funding that would help alleviate the problem.

Over the weekend, Crenshaw again stepped to the Twitter microphone after twice-failed candidate for president Hillary Clinton tried to blame Republicans for the issues at the detention centers:

Crenshaw was not having any of it:

In another post, Clinton helped liberals fundraise off the issue:


The freshman Congressman called her out:

Is the impasse on border crisis funding close to being over? Maybe:

Leaders in the House and Senate want to approve spending at least $4 billion more to address the influx of migrants and their humanitarian needs at the U.S.-Mexico border before the July Fourth recess.

Bills in the two chambers differ, however, raising doubts about whether there will be a resolution on President Donald Trump’s desk this month.

The Senate plan is bipartisan, though some Democratic appropriators have expressed concern about it moving to the floor without changes.

Stay tuned.

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